They did it.
They really did it.

It started with Small, Medium, and Large.
Then came Youth Large, and his overtaking of the Medium role.
Soon after, they dropped the aliases and we were left with Tim, Boge, Kris, and Joe.
Then Boge dropped out.
Then Tim dropped out.
Then recently Pappy joined up.

Now they have all come together to celebrate the impressive feat of 100 episodes of The SML Podcast, joined by special musical guest Mustin!

Episode clocks in at a whopping 3 hours, 35 minutes, and 57 seconds, making it the second longest episode to date. That’s right, it still didn’t beat the 4-hour MAGFest Monster, but it came darn close.

As per usual, they don’t really say anything interesting or productive, but they manage to have a great time all the same. Perhaps the greatest shining moments of the episode are the mash-up of the original theme music and the revamped version, as well as the special post-music clip. It’s just great.

Go forth and listen. Download the mp3, subscribe on the SML Podcast on iTunes, or watch the YouTube video below. You can also follow the SML’s blog for future updates and posts at their official tumblr.

Congratulations, boys.


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