Telltale Games has provided players with some of the most emotional moments in gaming these past years. Telltale was founded in 2004, and just became a decade old. In that time it has handled some of the greatest cult IPs like Monkey Island and Back to the Future, while gaining popularity with recent hits such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Borderlands.

Change is abound the Telltale house, as co-founder Kevin Bruner is becoming the company’s CEO, with fellow co-founder and former CEO Dan Connors taking the role of Executive Advisor.

“2014 marked our tenth consecutive year of continued growth since co-founding Telltale with Kevin Bruner in 2004. In that time, we’ve been incredibly proud to have accomplished so much with some of the most talented people in entertainment,” said Connors.

“2015 is the first of the next ten years for an ever-evolving Telltale. As we enter this new phase, and as Kevin transitions to my former role of CEO, I will remain with the company and on the board in an advisory role that will help ensure Telltale’s vision of continuing to break new ground as leading storytellers in the entertainment space.”

One of their newest projects, the announcement of which made many a wave, is a Minecraft spin-off, Minecraft: Story Mode. The company has many other projects in the works currently. New CEO Bruner outlines their plans for the near future.

“Each year since Telltale’s 2004 birth has been more exciting than the last, and 2015 will be no exception,” he said.

“We’re thrilled to continue our growth and bring our unique style of scripted entertainment to the next generation of digital media, and do that across thousands of different devices. Our top priority is to continue fostering an environment where the most talented and creative storytellers in the industry are working side by side with the world’s biggest creative partners. We’re already working on some of the biggest franchises in entertainment, and when you add our unannounced partnerships and upcoming original IP, it’s clear the most exciting time to be at Telltale is now, and there will continue to be more and more opportunity to innovate ahead of us.”

It seems that the company has a lot on its plate, and based on the stellar job they have been doing with their currently running series, they’re more than capable of handling it.

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