Compulsion Games, creators of 2013’s darling shadow-bending platformer Contrast, have just launched their new website, featuring brand new forums and plenty of pizzazz. They have used their new site launch to also tease their upcoming sophomore title, whose title has not yet been revealed.

So far they’ve just released a couple pieces of concept art, confirming it is not a sequel to Contrast, while not altogether denying the possibility of that happening in the future. They have stated about the upcoming title, “It involves masks, drugs and memory loss, but we swear it’s not a swinger’s party.



It’s really not much to go off of, buy already I’m loving the look of this. Delightfully eerie, leaving me suspicious of what’s going on here.

In addition to the two concept art pieces, they say more information will be release in the next month. The anticipation is real, you guys. I loved Contrast, and can’t wait to learn more about this one. Keep that info coming, Compulsion.

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