Sony has come up with a pretty sweet line-up of PlayStation Plus games for February. PS+ subscribers will have access to some of last year’s hit games, and also get their hands on new releases.

PS4 owners will get to play one of 2014’s most notable indie releases, Transistor. The team behind this game were the ones who created Bastion, a game that is both critically acclaimed and loved by players. Transistor is a similar title, but drop players into a futuristic city that they need to fight through with a mysterious and powerful weapon. Also coming to the current-gen console is Apotheon, a stylised 2D action-platformer set in a distraught ancient Greece. The game’s unique visuals would have you believe you are playing through the story painted on an ancient Greek vase. If you haven’t gotten a PS4 yet, don’t worry, Sony has you covered. PS3 players will get to explore the underbelly of Tokyo with Yakuza 4, or sneak around with the somewhat controversial Thief. If you prefer gaming on the go, PSVita owners can subject several generations of their bloodline to the horrors of endless dungeons in Rogue Legacy (also available on the other two systems) or leap around a sci-fi environment in the quirky puzzle shooter Kick & Fennick.


All these titles will be available to PS+ subscribers come February 3rd.

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