That is, if Bloomberg‘s recent anonymous tip-off is to be believed.

The source, who asked to remain unnamed, is allegedly “familiar with the plan” and says only that Harmonix is, in fact, developing a new title in the Rock Band franchise for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

While a silent source with barely a quote really isn’t worth putting much stock into, events in recent months have all been pointing to a new Rock Band anyway; from January’s e-mail survey from Harmonix asking fans’ opinions, interest, and wants for a new Rock Band title, to the company’s Pinny Arcade collectible pin design for PAX East suspiciously being given a question mark placeholder.

Perhaps the biggest indication that greater things are on the way are the recent additions of DLC to the Rock Band Network (starting with a 3-pack in January, then 2 more songs earlier this week), the first since 2013 when they announced there would be no more Rock Band DLC.

Whatever the case, Harmonix has been teasing and tantalizing us for much too long now. They’ve promised some big anouncements at PAX East in under two weeks, so look forward to our coverage of the event for the latest and greatest!

Source: Bloomberg Business via Gamespot

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