Welcome to the first issue of Citizen’s Journal, Save/Continue’s weekly burst of all things Star Citizen. From a concise summary of news, through personal opinions and ideas, to gameplay reports of Arena Commander, anything related to Chris Roberts’ ambitious project can be found here, updated every Sunday!

Two things you should know about me : One, I’m an absolute sucker for anything even remotely Science-fiction, and Star Citizen is pretty much a dream come true for me. Two, I’m a backer of Star Citizen (you can find me here.).

Now that we have that cleared away, let’s cut to the chase, shall we?


SXSW Trailer

This week, Star Citizen was showcased at SXSW in Austin, Texas, where one of the main studios working on the game is located, so let’s kick this off with the fantastic trailer revealed at the event :


We knew the team had a knack for trailers, but this is the first time we saw almost all of the game’s proposed modules in a single video, and it’s fittingly grandiose.

While we got a glimpse of the starport seen in the trailer before, when the persistent universe was first shown off, it got a few upgrades since. The place is a lot more populated and vibrant, with several animations added, and miscellaneous stuff just happening, as opposed to the empty and bare version we saw before.

Likewise, we’re already acquainted with the FPS module, but this trailer contained some new footage, showing off the shiny Cryengine visuals, as well as some previously unseen weapon and armor designs, along side the healing mechanic and the mobile cover.

Star Citizen 1.1 is live!

Star Citizen’s biggest overhaul to date has been made available to backers this week. SC 1.1 is such a big update in fact, that it requires a complete reinstall. CiG is swapping their launcher, thus addressing numerous file and download related issues users have been experiencing from the beginning. Along with the release announcement, a multi-language installation guide has been posted to help players get the new version up and running. Stepping away from the technicalities, content-wise 1.1 packs quite a punch. The Aegis Retaliator is now hangar-ready, so while you can’t fly the beauty yet, you will be able to walk around inside it in your hangar and sit in the captain’s chair whilst buzzing, whizzing, and shooing. Considerably more entertaining than replicating various sound effects in your hangar, the Aegis Gladius fighter can now be flown in Arena Commander! Speaking of, Arena Commander will no longer be accessed by climbing into your ships, but rather through a so called SimPod, which, in the future, will also be housing Star Marine, the FPS module. 1.1 also introduces a number of new features, most notable of which is the REC system and Landing.

REC – 1.1 is introducing a system wherein Arena Commander players can earn REC, a new type of currency, with which in-game items as well as ship can be rented for a limited amount of time in the REC store.

Landing – After several years of development, after numerous iterations, the world’s most anticipated space-sim is introducing a revolutionary feature: your ships can now land! Amazing! Joking aside, getting the landing mechanics to work in a game like Star Citizen is really damn hard, and CiG knows this. Landing in 1.1 is in its earliest stages, and will be improved over the course of upcoming patches. The guys working on the landing mechanic will be heavily reliant on player feedback, just like CiG has been with everything. Landing in Star Citizen is broken down into types. Each landing zone can be either governed or un-governed, the former requiring landing permission. Naturally, you can land without adhering to such pesky rules, but unless you want the space-IRS descending upon you in a hail of turret-fire, we’d suggest against it. You also have a choice of automated or manual landing, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Aegis Retaliator Hangar Ready

As I mentioned previously, the Aegis Retaliator is ready to be gawked at in your hangar. CiG flashed their trailer-expertise once again with a three-minute video showing off the ship.


Seriously, watch that and tell me you don’t need a Retaliator in your life.

Weekly Videos

We had a chance to meet Jeremy Masker, former producer for World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King expansion, who answered a few questions, some pertaining to Star Citizen, while others not so much. (Steak FTW)


With Chris Roberts over at SXSW, Travis Day and Darian Vorlick take over this week’s 10 for the Chairman Producers. As usual, the go into quite a bit of detail when answering the questions submitted by the fans, among which topics such as scheduling, bug-fixing, PVP missions and Co-Op in the FPS module.


The idea about the player run radio show is really appealing. Imagine having various organisations setting up in-game radio stations, where they report on the different events happening in the regions where they’re dominant, any kind of conflict between organisations, or for posting jobs. Another possibility is having encrypted or secure internal frequencies for organisations or smaller squads, which would be inaccessible for outsiders unless they hack themselves into these stations, which could add to the espionage and data-collection feature of the game.

Senior Game Producer Jason Hutchins sits down with Sandi and Ben for an interview, and we get a sneak peek of an armor design. Sandi’s flight school also makes a return.


Weekly Features

This week’s fan spotlight offers up the fourth batch of fan wallpapers featured in the section.

We also got another OP.NET transmission, the in-fiction news show whose target audience are mercenaries. This transmission delves into speciesism, and the way non-humans are treated unfairly in the mercenary guild. The transmission is a funny bit of satire, joking with the recent, comically ridiculous and over-done, arguments regarding political correctness that have overtaken the internet. In the interview with an alien member of the guild, the mercenary expresses his discontent with the phrase “manned-turrets”, and proposes that they should be called “physically operated turrets”, as “manned” clearly refers to humans.

Around the Web

Polygon put up an 11 minute video this week, where two of their writers take a tour of a pretty well stocked hangar. When I say “pretty well stocked”, I mean there are thousands of dollars worth of ships in that asteroid.


That wraps up the first issue of Citizen’s Journal. The feature will continue more or less like this until late May,when I will get a PC strong enough to run Arena Commander. Once this happens, CJ will be expanded with additional sections. In the mean time, fly safe and fly bold!



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