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Aegis Vanguard Reveal


The biggest thing this week was the reveal of the newest Aegis ship, a long-range heavy duty fighter called the A3G Vanguard. Aptly described as a relentless predator, the Vanguard is a beast of a ship. While significantly less maneuverable than its short-range counterpart such as the Hornet or Gladius, it can pack more of a punch, and take a beating too. The ship was initially designed as a bomber-destroyer, and this is still apparent on the final version.


As a long-range fighter, the Vanguard is significantly larger than the other fighters. It is equipped for missions lasting several days, and contains sleeping berths as well as other facilities that the smaller ships lack. Also something the smaller ships lack, is the large amounts of hardpoints and weapons, an electronic warfare suit, and improved radar.


The Vanguard is also looking to be an extremely versatile ship, as it can fill the roles of long range jump scout, extended duration patrol/reconnaissance ship, fighter-bomber (when equipped with torpedoes), tactical command and control ship, bomber interceptor and finally, if the pilot is up to snuff, a fighter-killer.

To celebrate the ship’s reveal, it was put up on the pledge store in a limited-time concept sale for $250. Grab them while they’re still hot!

Test Drive the Aegis Gladius

The Gladius became flyable last week, and to let the players get a feel of the fighter, CiG is allowing the ship to be test driven during next week by anyone with access to Arena Commander!


Weekly Videos

On this week’s “Meet the Devs”, we found out a bit about Dennis Daniel, the IT Manager at CiG (and a fellow explorer!).


Continuing the trend of CiG devs differentiating between their most played and favorite games, Daniel mentions Homeworld and Wing Commander. Add to that his favorite movie (series) being Star Wars, how he could possibly be involved with something like Star Citizen is absolutely baffling. Baffling I tell you!

Returning from SXSW, the chairman Christ Roberts retakes control of the weekly community-submitted question show in the 57th episode of 10 for the Chairman.


Highlights from the questions this week are the ones regarding environmental hazards in FPS, natural areas and screening boarding players for weapons.

Now, when talking about environmental hazards, the most stereotypical example in games are red exploding cylinders. Chris immediately mentioned those, but also detailed some more nuanced ways CiG is planning to make use of physics in game. Shooting a gas cylinder or pipe won’t always blow it up, depending on how hard and where you hit it. If it is only damaged, some of the high-pressure gas will start escaping the pipe or cylinder, and could potentially push objects away. Naturally, this would set off a gamer’s imagination. Imagine a corridor with a bend in it, and a gas pipe running on the wall along the turn. You know there is an enemy around the corner, so you shoot a small hole into the gas pipe with a silenced weapon, causing the gas to escape, and then you shoot a second time, allowing the high pressure gas to divert the bullet right into your enemy’s head.

Of course, at the speeds that projectiles travel, this is hardly possible, if diverting the path of bullets is even a thing in this engine, but hey, wishful thinking. Something much more plausible, but not less cool is shooting a small hole in a cylinder, so that the gas will push against the wall, launching the cylinder into an enemy soldier (who might be wearing that new armor that was shown off in the “sneak peek” at the end of the video) and promptly exploding. And then, we’ve only covered gas cylinders so far, with numerous other options to choose from in the final game!

Next up, the second episode of the new(ish) “The Wonderful World of Star Citizen”, the monthly series focusing on the fans of the game, hosted by none other than the legendary Disco Lando!


I used to be all over LEGO when I was younger, so the first section of the video showing the LEGO replicas of a few ships from Star Citizen played on nostalgia quite a bit. Following the miniature ships, we get to see an amazingly intricate Star Citizen cosplay, made by a professional prop-maker. The costume reflects the profession of its creator, as it is one of the most detailed and intricate pieces of cosplay I have ever seen. Not any less detailed, is the fan-made model for a repair and medical ship. I can join the ship’s creator and numerous other fans in hoping that it will be eventually added to Star Citizen’s roster of ships!

In the 37th episode of Around the Verse, the reveal of the Aegis Vanguard gets some well deserved attention.


We also see an interview with CiG’s Jake Ross, former artist and current associate producer. The video ends with what is less of a sneak peek and more a a teaser for the massive Vanguard Reveal that was posted at the end of the week.

Returning Features

Work in Progress : Mustang Variants


We get a glimpse of the design process and iterations the second starter ship has gone through in this WIP gallery.


In this batch of decrypted correspondence, we see one side of a conversation between a UEE sleeper agent and her handler. The messages show the progress of her mission, which is to infiltrate an Anti-UEE mining facility on a planet notorious of the locals’ distrust. Check it out to see how it goes.

Fan Spotlight

This week we saw the first Community Choice spotlight, meaning that any entry was eligible as long as it followed a pre-set topic or theme, which, in this case was “FPS”. A wide variety of entries were sent in, from a weapon design, through a poem all the way to a song.

Around the Web

TechRadar posted an in-depth article about why they think Star Citizen will go on to become the “best space game of all time”. I’m inclined to agree with them.

That wraps up this weeks Citizen’s Journal. Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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