The next entry in the Fable franchise will be free to play Microsoft and Lionhead Studios have confirmed.

Announced on the official site for the game, Fable Legends will embrace the free to play model after originally being billed as a full price experience.

Perhaps sensing the foam that would no doubt come bubbling forth from the maw of the Fable faithful, Lionhead was quick to reassure that the game can be completed, end to end, without the player dropping a single penny of real life funds.

Where the money part comes in, it seems, is that real-life funds can be used to purchase gear that folks would normally need to grind for in-game and to unlock additional heroes that will become available eventually anyway. If anything, real-life money seems to be used as a booster to get stuff quicker rather than a bespoke paywall.

Sounds like a pretty smart move if you ask me, especially as the first Molyneux-less Fable was struggling to capture the attention of folks who were put off by the action RPG’s less than stellar initial showing.

Fable Legends is set to release sometime later this year on PC and Xbox One.

You can catch the announcement trailer for Fable Legends swap to team free to play below.

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