Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for PS4 is set to release on May 12th in North America and May 15th in Europe, Square-Enix has confirmed today.

Available in both physical and digital flavours, the Final Fantasy X and X-2 twin pack will retail for £39.99/$49.99.

Aside from a slight bump in screen resolution and framerate, the PS4 version of the game also includes Remote Play support, Cross-Save support from the previously released PS3 and Vita versions and the ability to choose between the new and remastered versions of the soundtrack in Final Fantasy X.

To sweeten the deal further, Square-Enix has also confirmed that folks who preorder the physical version of the game in North America get a funky calendar while European folks get a swish, Yoshitaka Amano designed steelbook for the game.

Sorry America, you dun got screwed.

Take a look at both pre-order incentives below.



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