The gaming congregation went into a veritable tizzy with Nintendo’s recent announcement of finally venturing into the world of mobile gaming. Some fans were completely in favor while others jeered and scowled, as I sat by not really caring either way. There are definite pros and cons to both sides, and I was content to sit and wait for more information. For the most part this is still true, but Nintendo need only give me one game to get me backing them on this venture 100%.

Pokémon Snap.

I’ve spoken before about how I yearn for a follow-up to the N64 classic, and until I get it I shall not cease my campaign. While I still feel the Wii U would be the ideal console for a proper Pokémon Snap 2, that doesn’t mean a spin-off or mini game in the series can’t make its way into the palm of my hand.

Nintendo is known for their risky innovations. Some pay off, some don’t. In 2012 they released the 3DS app/mini-game Pokémon Dream Radar, which took advantage of the handheld’s Augmented Reality capabilities to search for Pokémon in your living room, at the park, or wherever you may have your 3DS. The same concept could apply to Pokémon Snap for mobile platforms.

People have always got their phones with them, and I imagine it wouldn’t be difficult to pull off that kind of AR tech on modern cell phones, as they are essentially miniature, hand-held computers anyway, that happen to be capable of making phone calls. That said, I wouldn’t restrict the gameplay strictly to AR, as many casual gamers aren’t familiar with the concept. Pokémon Dream Radar wasn’t exactly a resounding success or engaging experience, so they’d need something more.


Another possibility would be simply porting the original Pokémon Snap game to phones, but with some updates made. Throw in a few new stages, update current stages with a greater variety of Pokémon, and maybe throw in a competitive versus mode where you and your opponent compete to take the best photos on the same stage with limited film.

This would be a stellar way for Nintendo to test the waters and see what kind of widespread appeal a new Pokémon Snap title would have. If the updated mobile port takes off, their next step would be to go full steam ahead with a proper, high-definition console sequel for the Wii U.

Please tell me I’m not alone in my yearning. Sing out if you’re keen for a new Pokémon Snap, and comment with your ideas for gameplay!

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