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Fans of the unexpected hit Hyrule Warriors have been loving the massive amounts of DLC available so far, with the Master Quest Pack, the Twilight Princess Pack, and the Majora’s Mask Pack all currently available worldwide. Now the final additional content is upon us, as the Boss Pack is currently available in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, hitting North America on March 12.

As the name suggests, the Boss Pack allows you to challenge all the game’s bosses in a single mode, in which they will be much stronger and more difficult. Your rewards for defeating them include new outfits for Link, Zelda, and Lana.

More exciting than that, however, is the opportunity to smash and bash the life and soul out of anything that blocks your path as the monstrous beast, Ganon. Words cannot do justice to his power, so watch this video instead:


Badass, right? It couldn’t get any better, RIGHT?? Well prepare to be amazed, as it has also been revealed you can unlock one more extra special character within the Boss Pack DLC. I won’t name names, in case you want to play and be surprised for yourself, but if you’re happy to be spoiled and want to wear a smile for the rest of the day, check this out right here:


Yeah, I’ve seen just about everything now. With that I do believe we’ve reached the pinnacle of The Legend of Zelda.

Anyway, the Boss Pack update also grants new costumes for Ganondorf and Cia, fixes the massively increased load times introduced with the Majora’s Mask Pack, raises the maximum level to 255, and adds new potions to the Apothecary. This game just keeps getting bigger and better.

Sources: Destructoid and Zelda.com

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