The original, timeless classic Syndicate, released in 1993, is available free through Origin’s On the House service. Downloading the game while the offer lasts will link it to your account, meaning it will be yours permanently, just like with the previous games offerd in such a manner.

Origin On the House has been offering a different free game every month or so since it all began with Dead Space last year. Since then, Origin users were able to snatch games like Wing Commander 3, Crusader: No Remorse and Theme Hospital.

The original Syndicate (not to be confused with the modern FPS reboot of the same name) is an isometric real-time tactics strategy game. During each mission, we control a squad comprised of four cybernetically enhance agents doing all sorts of dirty work for our little company seeking world domination. We extend our greedy grasp over various territories through assassinations, infiltration, data-theft or convincing enemies to join us (and by “convince”, I don’t mean the peaceful “sit down for a coffee and chat it over” kind), whilst keeping our own rebellious agents at bay.

We can keep the weapons, equipment and augmentations of our agent up to date by taxing the territories under your control. Be careful, however, not to over-tax and given region, as the locals may rebel (as opposed to real life, where the only noticeable effect of over-taxing is that the number of passive-aggressive blog posts on the internet increase by, like, 5%.). We can equip our agents with multiple different weapons of varying destructive force, as well as upgrade and alter their enhancements to better suit our needs.

Syndicate takes place in the not-so-far future, where the archetypal cyberpunk world became reality, and mega-corporations are governing the world, implanting citizens with mind-altering chips left and right. We are the highly-trained agents of one such European mega-corporation. What sets this corporation apart from the others, what makes us the “good-guys” you ask? Absolutely nothing. The game requires you to be evil and ruthless to achieve your goals. Syndicate abandons the idealistic view perpetuated by most of popular media, depicting a struggle between good and evil. Some games try to mix things up by showing us the story from the evil point of view.

In Syndicate, there are no good guys.

Happy oppressing!

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