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Year 3 Subscriber Perks Update

Adding to the subscriber perks of jump point access and hangar flare, this year subscribers will start receiving amounts of REC each month, allowing them to test-fly the various ships available in Arena Commander. Other perks are being added as well, such as decals, having your name in the game, or getting the chance to create the backstory f an NPC. Check out the full list here.

Monthly Report: March

March was a pretty busy month for CiG, Starting with SXSW, followed by the massive 1.1 update and the Vanguard reveal. The studio was working full steam, and with news this week being a tad thin, I imagine they still are, and either have something big coming up, or are busy with squaring things away backstage (such as that pesky multiplayer instability). Just reading the monthly report is bound to exhaust us mere mortals.

April’s Fools

Something’s fishy…


For this year’s April’s Fools, during the first of April, Star Citizen was seemingly re-purposed as an aquatic fish-simulator. Unforutnately this video is the only lasting mark of the fishening.

Weekly Videos

In this week’s 10 For the Chairman, Chris Roberts answers some questions about FPS and hangar parties.


A lot of cool things come up in this episode, like grappling beams (because, you know, “regular” grappling hooks just aren’t cool enough anymore) and heavy power armor, but the best in the lot is freaking hangar parties. Basically, once the social module drops and we’ll have our version of a “friends list”, we can send out invites. This happens on the Star Citizen website, and if the citizen in question accepts the invite, the next time they boot up the game, they will be prompted to spawn into your hangar instead of theirs. Now, this won’t be another instance of your hangar, or a replica of it, it will be the same four walls. You can invite many people into your hangar at the same time, limited by how many players can physically fit in the given hangar. Once social interactions are added to the game, presumably with the social module, you can throw parties in your flashy hangars, to show off your shiny ships. We know you like to gloat.

With episode 19 of “Meet the Devs” introducing a new format, we are too. Which is why this isn’t at the front of the weekly videos section anymore. Yes, doing a thing for two issues makes it format. Don’t argue.


This week, we have the opportunity to glimpse into the mind of a concept artist. Enter Gurmukh Bhasin, the genius behind the Carrack and Vanguard.

Episode 38 of “Around the Verse” is a tad shorter than they have been recently.


This week’s sneak peek showed off some concept art for MISC interiors.

Returning Features

In this week’s Behind the Scenes, the QA team sits down to give us a glimpse into the noble art of bug hunting!


In this week’s news update, Old Jegger shares some insight into flying solo and answers a few questions about winging it alone out in the ‘verse in his Far From Home transmission.

Around the Web

Like I’ve said as many times as I can without it becoming weird, CiG really knows its trailers. Clearly I’m not the only one to notice this, as Wired posted a pretty detailed article about the awesomely stylish ship commercials we get every now and then.

That wraps up this weeks, rather short, Citizen’s Journal. Happy Easter to all our readers, and remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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