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anything related to Chris Roberts’ ambitious project can be found here, updated every Sunday (except when I’m running late with a review. I know I said that the delay will be a one time thing, but shit happens.)! Two things you should know about me : One, I’m an absolute sucker for anything even remotely Science-fiction, and Star Citizen is pretty much a dream come true for me. Two, I’m a backer of Star Citizen (you can find me here.).


Test drive the racing ships!


All of the ships which are built specially for racing will be available to all backers with Arena Commander access for the whole of next week. The ships included are:

  • The Origin Jumpworks M50
  • The Origin Jumpworks 350r
  • The Consolidated Outland Mustang Gamma

Get racing!

Jump Point now available!

Interested in the development of the Vanguard? Do you also happen to be a subscriber?


The April Issue of Jump Point is now available, and it focuses on the newly revealed beast of a ship, the Vanguard.

Weekly Videos

In this week’s 10 For The X, we sit down with the designers for a second time to take a look at some community questions regarding gameplay choices, answered by Calix Reneau and Matthew Sherman.


The question about accessibility is a particularly interesting one. We’ve known the extent of controls customization that will be available in Star Citizen, however, one sentence here really shows how far the game has come since its conception: “You don’t need to fly a ship if you don’t want to”. Let that sink in.

In episode 21 of Meet the Devs, we sit down with archivist Cherie Heidberg.


Cherie is a relative newcomer to CIG, and she previously appeared on episode 39 of Around the Verse.

In episode 40 of Around the Verse, we see an interview with Production Coordinator Lisa Ohanian.


The sneak peek in this episode shows off a previously unseen flight suit.

Returning Features


This week’s news update is a snippet from a transmission made by an anti-UEE revolutionary news channel. Called Plain Truth, the group are trying to raise the voice of the public against the massive budget the UEE navy receives, as they would prefer their tax-credits turned to other purposes. The tendency of the News Updates being a parallel to real life events continues. Looks like politics in Star Citizen will get really interesting.


In this issue of the Galactic Guide, we are introduced to a system sentenced to a fiery death. The star of Tyrol is near the end of its life, and can go supernova on a moment’s notice. Despite this, the system has inhabitants, though they almost exclusively number outlaws and squatters. In Star Citizen, this might be a good place for bounty hunters to find work and catch their breath.

That wraps up this(last) week’s Citizen’s Journal.

Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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