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Publisher Alpha Star Entertainment has today announced The AlterVerse Project for PC, an ambitious part MMO and part sandbox creation title that places a bespoke premium on player created content and co-operative adventuring experiences.

As pioneers who venture through a portal into a undiscovered realm, players can do everything from altering the terrain and building towering structures to raising livestock, crafting items, going on quests and engaging in epic wars with rival factions.

Interestingly, the whole shebang can be playable with VR headsets to further enhance the feeling of immersion.

The AlterVerse Project is currently slated to hit Kickstarter in May, but until then you can take a cheeky glance at the fact sheet and debut trailer for the game below.

FACT SHEET – The AlterVerse Project: About the Game

Part MMO, part content creation kit, part VR universe, The AlterVerse Project is an innovative new title from Dog Star VR.

Following the opening of a mysterious portal, 3,000 brave volunteers boarded the Magellan spacecraft, and entered an Alternate Universe. In this new reality, they began expanding through the vast array of lush and hostile worlds.

Now it’s your turn to step into the AlterVerse.

Choose a home world then launch your own moddable Realm Server in the same theme, or go directly to your home world to join others in-game. Sculpt the terrain and construct homes, forts, and settlements. Raise livestock, craft tools and weapons, hunt indigenous animals, and explore uncharted regions. Go on adventurous quests, join Alliances, go to war with rivals, battle for treasure and power, and build your own legend.

The AlterVerse Project is a rich tapestry of freedom and lore – built with VR devices in mind. Quest and craft. Create and destroy. Compete and collaborate. Write your own story: what happens next is up to you.

Welcome to your new virtual reality.

Key Features

  • Build your own custom Realm, with friends or alone, with Pro Dev Tools
  • Craft your own tools, weapons, spells, armor and more
  • Survive across PVP, PVE and RVR
  • Create an Alliance – join an existing one or be a Renegade
  • Combat – Melee, 2-handed, dual-wield, thrown, fired, bows and mounted
  • Set bounties on your opponents
  • Immersive VR for Oculus Rift and other VR hardware
  • Customizable avatars – thousands of combinations, male and female
  • In-game voice chat
  • Tap-Link, desktop and phone app – check ranks and IM friends
  • Exciting quests with leaderboard scoring – beat others’ times or your own

Source: BeefJack/Dog Star VR

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