Gonna go light on the words here, because that’s not what’s important. The first trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront has dropped during the Star Wars Celebration (happening right now in Anaheim, CA). Check the trailer below the cut!


Note that the trailer does not use in-game footage, but it is using the game’s engine.

GamesRadar has some insight into the upcoming title, but we’ll give you the major points here:

  • Star Wars: Battlefront focuses on the original trilogy (Episodes IV, V, and VI)
  • There will be plenty of iconic vehicles to pilot, but you won’t do anything out of a planet’s atmosphere
  • Darth Vader and other Star Wars characters will act as “power-ups” of sorts
  • Offline play is available in local split-screen
  • You and a friend can form a “partnership” that comes with certain benefits like: always spawning with the person on the map, seeing them on the minimap, sharing unlocks with one another, and more
  • Maximum game size of 40 (20 v 20) and a minimum of 8 (4 v 4)
  • No single player campaign

That’s all we know so far! Regardless, it looks like expectations are pretty high for this title.

Star Wars: Battlefront will be available on November 17th, 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Preorders are not currently live for this title.

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