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Just after our tenth Citizen’s Journal report (woo, double digits!) was posted, news of a massive CIG leak started making the round, so here we have our first special report!

Leaks a strange beast. Fans are always happy to find out new things about the games they care about, and leaks usually give the developers quite a bit of publicity, but devs usually keep stuff under wraps for a reason.

One of CIG’s community managers posted a screenshot in which a URL could partially be seen. Someone took to guessing the rest of the address, and miraculously succeeded. There is an active thread on reddit regarding the leak.

The user who accessed the URL managed to acquire 48GB worth of WiP assets, which were then loaded into the consumer build of CryEngine. Since Star Citizen uses an extremely heavily modified version of the engine, many assets fail to load or appear in low quality. The user has managed to load the WiP model of the Bengal Carrier into the engine, and recorded it.

The URL has since been shut down, but the assets are out there. CIG has yet to comment.


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