Larian Studios together with Focus Home Interactive have announced that brilliant PC ARPG Divinity: Original Sin will arrive, in enhanced form, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before the year’s end.

Better yet, PC owners won’t be left out in the cold as the update will be provided free of charge. Sadly however, as the changes are so large, existing saves will not carry over.

Speaking of changes, the Enhanced Edition will bring a ton of them including revamped visuals (including a fully 360 degree rotatable camera), new quests, a tightened up story, new ending, split-screen and online co-op and finally, a redesigned interface for console owners.

Divinity: Original Sin was a originally Kickstarter success for PC and Mac that went on to be one of the best RPG’s of 2014.

It also has a quest where you have to make two domestic cats fall in love.

What’s not to like eh?

Until we hear more on Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, why not check out the reveal trailer below.

Source: Focus Home Interactive

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