Nintendo‘s debut in the mobile arena will be a slow and measured one according to the latest comments made by company president Satoru Iwata.

Speaking to investors just a few weeks removed after announcing that the company would partner with mobile games giant DeNA to facilitate the infrastructure for these titles, the Nintendo head-honcho has said that the company will release five games on mobile platforms between now and the end of the financial year in March 2017.

The first of these titles is expected to arrive before the end of this year.

Speaking about the decision to release a relatively mere handful of titles in just two years, Iwata was keen to stress that Nintendo wanted to get each game right and make them a success in their own right; “You may think it is a small number, but when we aim to make each title a hit, and because we want to thoroughly operate every one of them for a significant amount of time after their releases, this is not a small number at all and should demonstrate our serious commitment to the smart device business,” Iwata said.

“We have executed several organizational and personnel changes in order to properly operate the smart device business, and we will make further changes before the first release.” He goes onto say, continuing, “All of our IP can be considered for a smart device game. On the other hand, since the game business on smart devices is already severely competitive, even with highly popular IP, the odds of success are quite low if consumers cannot appreciate the quality of a game. If we did not aim to achieve a significant result, it would be meaningless for us to do it at all. Accordingly, we are going to carefully select appropriate IP and titles for our smart device deployment.”

Happily, rather than merely having Nintendo titles as isolated experiences on mobile platforms, Iwata is keen to use mobile games as a means to get players invested and involved in buying Nintendo IP in a more premium and dedicated format, to encourage growth in their home console and handheld business rather than a decline.

“On the other hand, Nintendo continues to have strong passion and believes in the promising prospects for the future of our dedicated video game system business. We will deploy our game business on smart devices not because we think that the dedicated game system business will wane, but because doing so will encourage a greater number of people to associate with Nintendo IP, to become familiar with the charms of video games and, eventually, to explore more premium experiences on our dedicated game systems.”

We’ll have more on these new Nintendo mobile titles as soon as hear it.

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