The latest Nintendo Direct focused entirely on the first entry (of inevitably many) in their new IP, Splatoon. You can watch the entire Splatoon Direct right here, or look below the video for a recap of important notes from it.

After touching on gameplay mechanics we’ve already seen before (character customization, basics of battle, etc.), they detailed the various shops where you can purchase new clothes, weapons, upgrades, and the like.

Next is a closer look at the various weapons. The main weapon classes are the Shooter (types include: Splattershot, Aerospray MG, Jet Squelcher, The Blaster), Charger (types include: Splat Charger, E-liter 3K, Splatterscope), and Roller (types include: Splat Roller, Dynamo Roller). In addition to these are sub-weapons that are linked to specific main weapons, as well as special weapons that can cause massive damage or splatter excessive amounts of ink over the battlefield.

There’s a game-specific Miiverse-inspired plaza called Booyah Base (get it?), where other players from online wander around in their equipped gear. Booyah Base holds more shops, where you can upgrade, change, or purchase new Gear Abilities. Yep, not only do your clothes look fashionable, but they can provide helpful abilities as well.

Next up we get a look at a kind of challenge/practice mode, where you can test your abilities against the Octarians alone outside or normal battles.


Moving on we see some collectibles, like Power Eggs (which can be used to upgrade abilities) and Sunken Scrolls (one can be found in each level, and they tell the story of the game world’s history).

Then after listening to a preview of music from Splatoon’s pop idols, the Squid Sisters, they showcase various gameplay types. The Battle Dojo allows you to play with friends casually in a friendly match.

Online matches are broken up into normal and ranked. Ranked features multiple game modes similar to King of the Hill (where teams battle to keep the specified area covered in their ink) and other standard shooter game modes.

Following Splatoon’s launch, free DLC updates are planned throughout the year including new multiplayer maps, new weapons, new gear, and new ranked battle events.

Throughout the Booyah Base plaza will be old-school arcade machines, where you can play retro-styled games as a fun distraction. More mini-games can be unlocked by completing amiibo missions.

As announced in April, there will be a trio of amiibo released for Splatoon – the Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid. Each amiibo gives 20 new and unique challenges. The girl gets Charger challenges, the boy gets roller challenges, and the squid gets a mix.


Splatfest is similar to Sunset Overdrive’s in-game news broadcast, and will give you updates on upcoming events within the Splatoon community. The first Splatfest event is scheduled to happen from June 20th at 6:00 a.m. PST until June 21st at the same time.

Finally, Nintendo is hosting a stress test for the game which they have dubbed the Splatoon Global Testfire. The tests are happening TODAY (May 8, 8pm-9pm PST) and TOMORROW (May 9, 4am-5am & 12pm-1pm PST). You can download the Global Testfire demo from the Wii U eShop right now, so get on it!

Finally, players who pre-order Splatoon at GameStop will receive free Super Smash Bros. costume DLC for male and female Inklings.

I tried out Splatoon last year at PAX Australia, and had a pretty good time with it. All this new information is just making me more excited for it. Just a few weeks left to go until it releases exclusively for the Wii U, on May 29!

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