If you’re not sick of blasting Nazis in the face with an increasingly novel selection of weaponry, Bethesda have gone and released a launch trailer for standalone expansion prequel-thing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood which is due out this week.

Drink it all in below.

PRESS RELEASE – The Old Blood Offers (a New) Return to Castle Wolfenstein

The Year is 1946. Your mission: infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein and retrieve the coordinates to General Deathshead’s compound. Watch the official gameplay launch trailer for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

That’s right, today you can download the prequel for Wolfenstein: The New Order on your PlayStation 4, PC, or Xbox One. Don’t have The New Order? Doesn’t matter. The Old Blood is a standalone digital title that doesn’t require a purchase of last year’s award-winning shooter. But be warned: once you’ve played through The Old Blood, you’re going be ready for more.

If you’ve missed any of our details on the game, be sure to check out these features:

• See the Bethesda Blog written and video previews spanning both halves of The Old Blood.
• Learn about the new improves to Nightmare Mode in an interview with MachineGames’ Jerk Gustafsson.
• See the concept art that led to The Old Blood on our official Wolfenstein Facebook page.

Make your return to Castle Wolfenstein (and beyond) today.

Purchase digitally for Xbox One
Purchase digitally for PlayStation 4
Purchase digitally on Steam

Looking for a boxed copy. The Old Blood will also have a physical release in Europe on May 15, and in Australia/New Zealand on May 14.


Source: Bethesda


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