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anything related to Chris Roberts’ ambitious project can be found here, updated every Sunday! Two things you should know about me : One, I’m an absolute sucker for anything even remotely Science-fiction, and Star Citizen is pretty much a dream come true for me. Two, I’m a backer of Star Citizen (you can find me here.).

Gameplay Report

Next week you’ll see some footage of the military ships that are available for test flight, but for this week, you’ll need to make do with a short clip of me failing at the Arena Commander tutorial (as well as struggling with a foreign keyboard layout).


At least it looks great!


Reliant Q&A


What will from now on be standard, the reveal and concept sale of a new ship followed by a Q&A is true for the reliant as well. The mini-hauler gets a two-part Q&A treatment to answer all your questions about the Xi’An influenced starter ship.

Part 1

Part 2

Test Drive the Military Ships


For this week, all the military one-seaters will be available for test flight to anyone with Arena Commander access! The ships available for flight are:

  •  Anvil Hornet F7C
  • Anvil Hornet F7C-R
  • Anvil Hornet F7C-S
  • Anvil Hornet F7C-M
  • Anvil Gladiator
  • Aegis Gladius


Weekly Videos

It has been a while since we saw the chairman himself on 10 for the X. This week, we sit down with producers Travis Day and Ricky Jutley.


The question about jump point warfare is one that would certainly get any Sci-Fi fan excited. Based on Travis’ description, jump point travel will be very similar to the system seen in Babylon 5, with the ships entering another physical space, where the relative distances of “real-space” are smaller by several magnitudes. An interesting gameplay addition would be changing the rules of physics and whatnot when in “jump-space”, adding the tactical element of luring enemies in. Maybe certain weapons and shield-configurations would be stronger/weaker in jump-space, allowing combatants to turn the tide to their favor.

In this week’s Meet the Devs, we sit down with senior technical designer, Kirk Tome.


Quite an industry veteran, Kirk started out selling games. Today, he designs one of the most ambitious game projects ever to exist.

Returning Features


This week’s news update comes in the form of another transmission of Far from Home. Ol’Jegger reminisces about his past as he recounts his experiences when he returned to his childhood home upon the death of his brother.

Around the Web

Quite a bit of ruckus was made this week when a community manager at CIG posted a screenshot which contained a partial URL. Someone managed to guess the rest, and set up a torrent which resulted in the leak of 48gb worth of WiP assets. By the time CIG shut down the URL, the assets were already on the web, and fans began trying to load up the files into the consumer version of CryEngine. Now, since CIG uses a heavily modded version, many assets either didn’t load at all or just looked horrible, however some ship models were successfully loaded, including the Bengal carrier and some Vanduul ships.



That wraps up this week’s Citizen’s Journal.

Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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