Both E3 and my final exams took place recently, plus I needed to put some extra time into Fallout to get on track with BIYD, so that’s why we’ve missed a week of CJ, but I’m back in business now, so without further ado…

Welcome to Citizen’s Journal, Save/Continue’s weekly burst of all things Star Citizen.
From a concise summary of news, through personal opinions and ideas, to gameplay reports of Arena Commander,
anything related to Chris Roberts’ ambitious project can be found here, updated every Sunday (oops?)! Two things you should know about me : One, I’m an absolute sucker for anything even remotely Science-fiction, and Star Citizen is pretty much a dream come true for me. Two, I’m a backer of Star Citizen (you can find me here.).

Gameplay Report

This was a busy week, and this whole report was a tad rushed, I admit. However, with all the flyable ships available for test flight, I’ll have plenty of material for next week!


All flyable ships available for test flight


In an awesome move, CIG is making all of the ships that are currently flyable available for test flight for the whole of next week. If you’ve been on the fence about a ship like me (Avenger or 325a for combat?), or are just plain curious in how the other ships handle, then this is a treat for you!

  • 300i
  • 315p
  • 325a
  • 350r
  • Aurora CL
  • Aurora ES
  • Aurora LN
  • Aurora LX
  • Aurora MR
  • Avenger
  • F7C Hornet
  • F7C-M Super Hornet
  • F7C-R Tracker
  • F7C-S Ghost
  • M50 Interceptor
  • Mustang Alpha
  • Mustang Beta
  • Mustang Delta
  • Mustang Gamma
  • Mustang Omega
  • Cutlass Black
  • Gladius
  • Gladiator

Crunchy list, that.

New Jump Point available


Attention subscribers! Your all new June Jump Point has arrived!

Weekly Videos

In this week’s 10 for the X, we sit down with artists Forrest Stephan and Omar Aweidah.


Armor customization has been on my mind lately too. Sci-Fi Armor/character design has always interested me, and when I judge a game, I take armor design as a separate criteria. I really love the N7 armor from the mass Effect series, and liked the various armor pieces available for customization in ME3 (armors were one single piece in ME, and options in ME2 were way too limited). Another type of iconic armor from a Sci-Fi series I adore is the RIG from Dead Space. The health bar on the spine is a particular favorite. I’m certainly not suggesting that CIG follow these examples, as I, just like anyone else, would prefer them to do their own thing, and am fully confident that they’ll come up with some pretty iconic designs.

On this week’s Meet the Devs, we sit down with Senior Producer Eric Kieron Davis.



In episode 4 of Bugsmashers, Mark…. corrects lines of code?


Talking about this segment is practically impossible. Let’s just make a game of how many variations I can make on that first intro sentence.

Episode 49 of Around the Verse features an interview with 3D Artist Gage Hallman.


Ship Shape also accidentally revelas the Anvil Aerospace F8 heavy fighter, we take a look at the Vanduul UI, and sneak peek shows off… something?

Returning Features


This week’s News Update comes in the form of a PLAIN TRUTH transmission, AKA the “tin-foil hat program”. An obviously crazy individual claims that the UEE manufactured the Lynch Fever outbreak in the Goss system.

I hope we get to kill this Parker guy in PU.


As it has been announced that QAs for each ship will always be held after announcement (not technically an announcement this time around, but you get the picture), I’m moving it to the return features section. So, now that the human-flyable Scythe has been revealed, it’s time for the standard QA post.

Around the Web

Twinfinite posted an article this week about the financial side of things regarding Star Citizen, prompted by Chris Roberts’ appearance at the PC Gaming Show at E3 this week.

That wraps up this week’s Citizen’s Journal.


Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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