Square Enix revealed some new details about the story and gameplay of the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in their E3 presser. The long-awaited sequel to 2011’s Human Revolution, DE:MD will once again feature Adam Jensen as he tries to hunt down and expose the members of the secretive Illuminati following the havoc they wreaked in the previous game.


Due to the events of HR, augmented individuals are almost universally discriminated, as opposed to the unsure situation previously. Treated as second-class citizens, people with augmentation have lost all their rights and have been rounded up and secluded. Pro-augmentation groups have been forced to turn to more violent methods, and terrorist organisations are popping up all over the place. Once group in particular, ARC, is determined to force society to re-accept augments, and decides the best way to convey their message of tolerance and equality is by bombing non-augmented people.


Yeah, that ought to convince people that augmentations are totally safe, yo.

Jensen suspects that the Illuminati are involved, and joins up a international task force hunting augmented terrorists.


Jensen has access to some new toys, such as an on-the-fly weapon customization system, and a full body shield he can active for a short period of invulnerability.


We’re extremely excited for the follow up to Eidos Montreal’s previous cyberpunk stealth masterpiece.

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