After the announcement of the Evolve Season Pass for Season Two earlier on in the week,  2K has now confirmed that the Season Pass (including new Assault hunter Lennox), is now available for purchase, retailing at £19.99.

Better yet, folks who didn’t jump on the additional content wagon for all the first season stuff should be cheered by the news that 2K has basically discounted all of it to coincide with the Season Two Season Pass.

The discounts are as follows:

  • All Monster characters are now £7.99 (MSRP) each and all Hunter characters are now £3.99 (MSRP) each;
  • The previously released Hunting Season 1 can now be purchased for £11.99 (MSRP). Evolve Hunting Season 1, which features four Hunters (Torvald, Crow, Slim and Sunny) and three Monster character skins (Magma Goliath, Magma Kraken and Magma Wraith), now includes four new exclusive ‘Arctic’ skins, one for each of the included Hunters;
  • Everyone who previously purchased Hunting Season 1Evolve Digital Deluxe Edition or Evolve PC Monster Race Edition, will also receive these four new ‘Arctic’ skins;
  • All purchasers of the Evolve PC Monster Race Edition will receive all content featured in Hunting Season 2.

Now, where’s payday at?

Source: 2K

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