Ubisoft announced a new IP at their E3 brief. For Honor is a Third-Person Melee Action game, wherein two of three playable factions (Vikings, Samurai, Knights) slice, cut and dismember their way to victory.


Each faction plays in a unique way. The knights (The Legion) have a set of skills and equipment suited for a defensive playstyle. The vikings (The Warborn) are extremely aggressive, and lastly, the samurai (The Chosen) have an elegant and skillful fighting style focusing on quick, fatal strikes.

For Honor has been described on the Ubiblog as follows:

“It’s a shooter… with swords.”

“For me this is just a great way to blow anywhere from 20 minutes to four hours or even twelve if I really feel like going for it,” [Vandenberghe] explains. “There are a bunch of reasons why this loop works for shooters and why it’s so enjoyable. Well, all those reasons can apply to melee combat too. But now it’s not going to be about line of sight. You’re not sprinting around trying to find cover. So it won’t be like a shooter in the micro experience, but the overall macro experience will be very familiar to fans of shooters. We even have things called Feats, which are sort of kill streak rewards. Once you gain enough points for yourself, you’ll be able to call in support attacks like catapults or arrow storms.”

“This campaign is really an invitation into our world. This is our special place. Knights and Vikings and Samurai all fighting on the same battlefield? I’m no history major, but I can tell you that never happened. But it does happen in the canon of For Honor and the campaign is your introduction to this world.”

Ubisoft also showed off a gameplay trailer for the upcoming game to give us a taste of the actual experience alongside the cinematic trailer.


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