The original Beyond Good & Evil was, in many ways, ahead of it’s time. It told a genuinely mature story while creating and preserving it’s own personality. It had a sense of style and artistry that outclassed most of it’s contemporaries. Believe it or not, it even had a female protagonist during a dark age when women didn’t rule righteously over video games (a time we shan’t discuss.)

Despite all that though, BG&E sold horribly. It established a passionate cult following though and one that’s been waiting over ten years for a sequel (the franchise was conceived as a trilogy), a wait that only became much harder when Ubisoft teased a sequel to the game in 2008.

Ubisoft has shown nothing of the almost mythical sequel since that initial teaser but they’ve repeatedly insisted the game is indeed still in the works and after this years E3, they’re doing it again. Ubisoft CEO, co-founder, and Aisha Tyler’s BFF, Yves Guillemot tells The Guardian:

I can’t say the name, but there is a team working with Michel Ancel on a project that is… very interesting.

Guillemot goes on to insist that some elements of the game are changing, while others remain the same, and that the project is still too early to discuss. While we wait, let’s all just try to remember that sometimes dreams do come true.

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