With EA set to have their E3 2015 press conference next week, we’ve taken a look and made some educated guesses as to what the mega-publisher will have to show for themselves at next week’s event.

And naturally, with Star Wars being a rather huge thing this year, it would make sense that EA kick off their E3 festivities with…

- Star Wars Battlefront –


If there is one game that will have E3 2015 as its coming out party it is, unequivocally, Star Wars Battlefront. Teased back at the annual Star Wars Celebration in May, nobody actually got a look at any real gameplay from the highly anticipated title. Expect that to change next week when Star Wars Battlefront comes out front and center at EA’s E3 2015 press conference.

Folks should expect a fair whack of extended footage from the game, showcasing everything from the various units and maps through to the heroes that can be controlled in each of its battles (we know of Boba Fett and Darth Vader so far). We should also get some details on the special editions that EA intends to release, but regardless, if you’re looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront then its probably fair to say that EA will have your back next week.

- Mass Effect 4 -


Ever since Bioware announced that Mass Effect would not end with it’s third entry, fans have been practically salivating over what sort of form a fourth Mass Effect title will take. Well, we won’t have long to find out because with Dragon Age Inquisition now out in the wilds, Bioware have no reason to shift the spotlight to any other title (especially since their multiplayer title Shadow Realms is now dead in the water).

As to what we might see at E3’s presser next week, it seems reasonable to expect at the very least we’ll end up seeing a CG trailer, which considering how uncharacteristically little we know about the game, would still be a boon and elicit the requisite eruption of fan-flavoured tears of joy all the same. Beyond that, while it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if in lieu of pre-rendered footage we got in-engine cutscenes, folks shouldn’t expect any extended gameplay demos or anything; especially as EA will likely aim for a late 2016 release for the new Mass Effect.

Oh and also, a Mass Effect HD remaster trilogy thing? Not out of the question. Not at all.

- Need for Speed -


With 2013’s somewhat flat Need for Speed Rivals being the most recent memory that folks have of EA’s long-running racing series, look for the publisher to come out strong with this latest entry in the franchise. Created by Ghost Games (the outfit behind Need for Speed Rivals) and after taking 2014 off, the developer has had a two year development cycle to get things right this time round.

Envisaged as an apparent reboot for the over twenty-year old series, this latest title (simply called ‘Need for Speed‘ at this point, as if to ram home the remake point further), seemingly takes us back to an earlier, better time where Need for Speed Underground was liberally humping the leg of the Fast and Furious films but did actually turned out to be a pretty great street racer in the process. With a focus on car tuning, drift racing and the whole underground racing culture that EA have pretty much left in the dust these past ten years, this latest Need for Speed could be just what the company needs to revitalise the series. Expect lots of gameplay footage and detail about Need for Speed’s gameplay systems during EA’s presser next week.

- Mirror’s Edge Catalyst -


After being originally announced at E3 2013, nearly two years ago now, EA have since shown precious little of their Mirror’s Edge reboot. According to the publisher though, that will change next week when the game gets a proper coming out party during their E3 press event.

Aside from gameplay footage, we can expect to learn a lot more about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst too; ranging from the plot and reworked parkour platforming to the extent of which combat plays a role in this newest game. Fans should also expect EA to finally commit to some sort of release window for the highly anticipated game as well, with March 2016 seemingly to be a likely candidate.

- Visceral Games Star Wars Title -


While Star Wars Battlefront has been doing its best black hole impression by sucking up all the media attention ahead of its release later this year, people often forget that Dead Space and Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral Games have been toiling away on a game set in the Star Wars universe.

With a plot penned by Amy Hennig (she of Uncharted 1,2 & 3 fame), and a spin-off narrative set far away from the loud conflicts depicted in Star Wars Battlefront, it makes sense for EA to at least show off the title in a marginalised capacity (say, a CG trailer and title announcement) to let folks know that there is more Star Wars to come from the publisher rather than just Star Wars Battlefront. Keep em’ peeled, this could be a potential show-stealer.

- EA UFC 2 -


After the original EA UFC title was released to lukewarm reviews before being patched to become a much better game (not to mention all the free DLC that EA generously heaped upon it post-launch), it certainly seems likely that EA will showcase the instalment in their MMA franchise next week.

With UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan already letting it slip that he was recording some lines for the unannounced sequel a few months ago, EA UFC 2 would certainly seem to be far closer to a reality than many expect. While the original absolutely nailed the look and striking game of the UFC spectacle, here’s hoping that the developer has decided to rip out the abysmal submission system which completely ruined the pacing of each contest. Regardless, we won’t have long to find out; look for EA UFC 2 to be a prominent part of EA’s E3 presser next week.

- Madden NFL 16 & FIFA 16 -


One game that will assuredly take center stage at EA’s E3 2015 presser next week is FIFA 16. With the announcement that the game will include over a dozen women’s teams for the very first time, look for EA to capitalise on that by showing off gameplay footage from the game and having women football personalities on stage to emphasise this new feature.

Elsewhere, and equally as regular as clockwork to cater for its predominantly North American audience, we should also expect that EA’s forthcoming Madden NFL 16 will make an appearance next week. Showing off new features and likely having cover athlete Odell Beckham Jr present to play the game, EA will no doubt ensure that their latest NFL effort gets its requisite fifteen minutes of fame.

What do you think EA will pull out of their digital hat during their E3 presser next week? Let us know in the comments below!

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