One of the most popular aspects of 2013’s Fire Emblem: Awakening is developing character relationships with a gameplay feature called “supports.” Some supports had the potential for romance, but none of those scenes featured same-sex couples.

With Fire Emblem: Fates, Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems are changing this and for the better.

The companies released this statement to Polygon:

“We can confirm that Fire Emblem Fates for Nintendo 3DS, which launches in Japan on June 25, 2015, and is coming to the U.S. and Europe in 2016, includes the possibility for a same-sex marriage to take place between the main character created by the gamer and another character in the game.”

The jury’s out on just who this character is and of course it would be much better if there were more, but it’s still a nice move by a company with a very long standing in the industry. Hopefully more will follow.

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