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Gameplay Report

The 300 series from Origin Jumpworks is up for test-flight this week, so you’ll be seeing a few videos in the next CJ!


July Subscriber Flair


Hey, subscribers! Remember those countless Vanduul Scythes you’ve blown to bits in Arena Commander? Now you can have a piece of them sitting on your (in-game) desk! In order for the item to be a tad more novel, this is a chunk of Scythe armor from one of the ship retrieved from X12, the first Vanduul ship humanity came into contact with.

300 Series Available For Test Flight


CIG has made the full range of Origin Jumpworks’ 300 series available for test flight this week! Anyone with Arena Commander access can jump into the cockpit of one of the following ships:

  • 300i
  • 315p
  • 325a
  • 350r

Weekly Videos

In this week’s 10 for the X, we sit down with writers Adam Weaser and Cheri Heiberg.


Seems like the upcoming Galactopedia is in good hands.

In this week’s Meet the Devs, we sit down with Vin Diesel Randy Vazquez.


Randy previously appeared in an interview on last week’s ATV.

In episode 52 of Around the Verse, we see an interview with Adam Wieser.


In the sneak peek, we get a glimpse of some helmet concept art.

Returning Features


This week’s News Update comes in the form of an Empire Report, detailing the circumstances of the death of Arthur Vin, a popular actor who had artificial lungs. The report gives us some insight into how cybernetic augmentations work in the world of Star Citizen.


In the newest installment of the Galactic Guide, we visit the wild Oso system. Initially discovered by an amateur explorer, the life-forms on Oso II were only discovered after surveying had already begun. Under the fair-chance act, the UEE locked down the system, and installed a garrison to protect the planet from outside interference.


In order to shut the ignorant nay-sayers up, CIG has begun to share progress on Star Marine every week. This update shows progress on the sights, and a damn good looking video on ambient destruction. Looking mighty fine, Star Marine.

Around the Web

This past week, many popular gaming news outlets, such as PC Gamer, have covered Ben Lesnick’s in-depth post detailing the situation over at CIG.

Remember, fly safe and fly bold!


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