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From a concise summary of news, through personal opinions and ideas, to gameplay reports of Arena Commander,
anything related to Chris Roberts’ ambitious project can be found here, updated every Sunday! Two things you should know about me : One, I’m an absolute sucker for anything even remotely Science-fiction, and Star Citizen is pretty much a dream come true for me. Two, I’m a backer of Star Citizen (you can find me here.).

Gameplay Report

This week, when talking about Star Citizen, it’s all about the new Merlin! The incredibly good looking ship was made not only hangar-ready, but also flyable, and all players who own a Constellation Andromeda or Aquila now have access to their own P-52s, and the ship is now also available for purchase as a standalone!

First, lets take a short look at what the ship looks like sitting in the hangar.


Now how about we get this bird flying? A bit of free-flight to get a feel for the ship. I immediately noticed how this feels like the fastest ship in Star Citizen right now, and it handles pretty damn well too. After we’ve taken in the sights, it’s time for some action.


In what is a first for Citizen’s Journal, instead of going up against AI Vanduul, I ventured into a spectrum match. Do not let my incompetence as a pilot fool you – the Merlin is a pretty solid ship, and damn fun to fly. The center-line gun packs quite a punch, though the two class ones on the wings are a tad useless.


Lastly, I try my hand at some Capture the Core. I was off to a great start with my pilot not only hanging out of the ship, but out of his space-suit too. Not seeing the HUD was a bit of an issue, but thankfully after the first respawn, everything was back to normal. The match went south, but hey, I scored once!


Overall, the Merlin is a damn good ship. There was some confusion as to which Constellation variants come with the parasite fighter, as the variants matrix does not state that the Aquila is bundled with it, and since exploration is going to be my main role once the PU launches I was definitely looking to upgrade my Andromeda, but things were cleared up and the Aquila has both the rover and the Merlin.

Overall, this ship performs its purpose perfectly. It wasn’t designed to dominate in dogfighting, rather it is meant to support another ship. Despite being a “parasite” fighter, the centerline gun can chew through shields and hull pretty well, and the Merlin is a joy to fly. It can be bought as a standalone ship, and is pretty cheap, so if you ask me, go get yourself a Merlin!

P.S. I couldn’t help but notice the as-of-yet unclickable Star Marine logo when getting into the simulator-pod-thing in the hangar. Hype!


Kruger Intergalactic P-52 Merlin now available!


Enter Star Citizen’s first parasite fighter! The snub fighter originally intended to accompany the Constellation is now 1) available as a standalone ship, 2) hangar-ready and 3) flyable. Quite a few big changes in the Merlin’s life in a short time, no? The parasite fighter went through a bit of a redesign, and looks better than ever. The P-52 Merlin comes packaged with ever RSI Constellation Andromeda and Aquila vessels, but can be bought as a standalone by anyone! A variant, the P-53 Archimedes is shipped with the luxurious Constellation Phoenix ships, and it hasn’t yet been revealed how the two variants differ. The 890 Jump, Idris and Carrack also feature coupled snub fighters, however while these are under development, owners of these ships also have access to the Merlin. The mighty-fine looking Merlin is a damn good ship, as you’ve seen in our videos above, and we can only encourage everyone to get their hands on this little ship!

Check out the official post here.

Gamescom 2015 Event Details


For those of you who will be attending Gamescom, you can find a detailed description of what the special Star Citizen event held in tandem will entail. For those of you (and me) who cannot attend, CIG will hold a special sale to help tide you over. Check out the full program here.

Weekly Videos

In this week’s 10 for the Chairman, the status quo is restored after last week’s whopping one and a half hour video.


The question regarding how ship “history” will work in Star Citizen interests me most, as I already know that I’m going to get really attached to my ship. I wonder, can ship names be duplicated, as in can more than one ship of the same name exist at any given time? If so, I’m sure we’ll be seeing thousands of Enterprises and Serenitys flying around when the PU launches. I’ve already decided on naming my Constellation Aquila the “Pannonia”, and my Avenger the “Aquincum”.

Have you guys decided on your ship names yet? Let us know in the comments!

In this week’s Meet the Devs, James Pugh makes Mr. Golden Shirt annoyed as hell.


Most people probably know Mark as one of the judges from TNGS, and he became famous among the community for his extremely stylish sparkly golden shirt he once wore on the show. An industry veteran, Mark has previously worked on games such as G-NOME (which I both know and love) and select Blizzard titles before getting on board with Star Citizen.

In this week’s Bugsmashers, Nicholas Cage.


I seriously can’t think of anything interesting to add to this.

In this week’s Around the Verse, we get a look at how the animations in Star Marine are coming along.


The Vanguard is up for dissection on Ship Shape, and the sneak peek shows off what is possibly one of the characters of Squadron 42.

Finally the Wonderful World of Star Citizen has returned to grace us with the fantastic creations of our fellow citizens as well as the humour of Disco Lando.


I can only hope for Citizen’s Journal to appear on the show one day. Dream big, right?

Returning Features


Oh CIG, you clever bastards. In this week’s News Update, we take a look at the simple facets of the Star Citizen universe through a Star Watch transmission, where we are introduced to the upcoming fashion trends in the ‘Verse, and CIG also conveniently explains in-universe why the PU will be populated by clones of the same 20-25 character models. They’ve all had standardized plastic surgery!


It’s all about the Merlin this week, folks! As is standard procedure, a Q&A post went up soon after the Merlin was made available. Check it out here.

It is said that the wing weapons can be changed, however there are no alternatives to the centerline gun. As much as I love the warthog-style rotary machine gun, changing it to something akin to the Death Star laser or a missile silo of sorts would be pretty damn awesome. Oh, well.


Look, guys. I’ve always defended you from anything that some people have said against you. I vehemently object to the notion that Star Citizen is a scam. I have absolute faith in you guys.

But seriously.


Kruger Intergalactische.

Come on, you have a German studio for crying out loud. Get this shit right!

Anyway, galactic guide. Kruger Intergalactic. Nice flavour text. Terribad language.


The development of Star Marine is going full steam ahead, with the various studios working on it tackling the blockers one by one. As always, the network coding is causing company-wide premature graying, however the animations seem to be coming along quite nicely. Various bugs regarding items and their spontaneous relocation and unwillingness to disappear on cue are being looked into, and Zero-G animations need some work. On the art side of things, it seems that the Gold Horizon level is constantly being reworked, so there’s that. For more info and pretty pretty pictures, click here.


If you have any questions you might want to ask us, either about Star Citizen or Citizen’s Journal, feel free to let us know in the comments, and we’ll get around to answering them in the next issue!

Ship Spotlight

Since the Star Citizen ship of the week is the Merlin, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at it in our first ship spotlight.

The P-52 Merlin is a snub fighter manufactured by Kruger Intergalactic and was originally intended to be paired with the RSI Constellation. When the Connie’s variants were announced, it was revealed that not all would come bundled with a Merlin. The exact distribution is still hanging in the air, with some confusion regarding whether or not the Aquila will be getting one. So far only one variant of the Merlin has been announced, the Archimedes, which will come with the Constellation Phoenix. Without a jump-drive and limited fuel-reserves, Merlins are dependent on carrier ships for long-range travel.


The Merlin features two size 1 mounts on each wing which, by default, carry Behring M3As, however these can be changed. The centerline gun, a size 2 Tigerstreik (tigers on strike?), cannot be changed. The default shield is a size one, but can be upgraded to a size two, however the power-plant is locked on size one.


The parasite fighter is now in a flyable state, and can be purchased as a standalone, so citizens who do not own a Constellation can also pilot their own Merlins! Check out the official Merlin page here.

Around the Web

The web is abuzz with concerned voices of those who view the delay of Star Marine with fear. If you were to look up any recent Star Citizen news on any other site than RSI itself, it is most likely going to be about Star Marine. The weekly progress updates are doing must to quiet down the dissenting voices. PCGamesN has recently published an article about this very topic. Check it out here!

Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

Coming soon: Star Citizen streams on the Save/Continue Twitch channel!

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