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Gameplay Report

So, we got an invite to the PTU version of 1.2, which we tried out, had fun with, and glitched out to the freelancer landing pad with, but in all our excitement, forgot to record. So now we booted up Star Citizen to record a video of the live version at least, but as opposed to always getting to ArcCorp successfully in PTU, now we are faced with error after error.

ArcCorp video next week!


Star Citizen at Dragon Con!


Four members of the CIG team will be attending Dragon Con, and will partake in a few of the panels. If you plan on heading out to the event, check out the CIG schedule here.

Vanguard Variants Announced – Sale


Introducing the Vanguard Warden (base), Sentinel (EWAR) and Harbinger (bomber)! The Vanguard variants have been long anticipated, with speculation thriving on the forums as always. The variants are more or less what the community guessed, but CIG has also introduced a new Battlefield Upgrade Kit system. Each variant has an accompanying BUK, allowing you to equip any variant to perform the role of any other variant. You can tick out your Sentinel to be a bomber with a Harbinger BUK, for example.

The Warden


The Sentinel
The Sentinel
The Harbinger
The Harbinger

As is customary, CIG is also holding a sale of each variant and BUK, here.

Star Citizen on Social Media


CIG is increasing its social media footprint. For a neat little guide to what is what, who is who and what is where, check out their post.

Social Module and 1.2 are now Live!


Following the PTU stress test, the 1.2 update containing the ArcCorp area and the Star Citizen Social Module have been officially released! Get going, citizens!

Weekly Videos

In this week’s 10 for the Chairman, we find out what’s in the box, and the fact that, regardless of that the now-meme says, it wasn’t Jared’s fault.


Whoever asked about EWAR must be feeling mighty honored right about now. The question regarding post release plans may be obvious to some, but calming for others.

As for the planetside question, I really hope that while the colonized or inhabited planets be restricted through landing zones, I really hope that I can explore, if not most, but much of a planet that I’ve just discovered, somewhat like the Mako sections in the original Mass Effect, just more… not shit.

In this week’s Meet the Devs, we sit down with character concept artist Jeremiah Lee.


Jeremiah had a pretty interesting career path, and he is an extremely chill guy. Mass Effect 2 all the way, man.

In Bugsmashers episode 9, more stuff that we can’t make heads or tails of happens.


great job on keeping the show going, though!

In this week’s Around the Verse, the Vanguard takes the spotlight!


In the sneak peek we got a bit of insight into what really goes on in that bar on ArcCorp…

Three identical men in full combat armor standing around!

Returning Features


This week’s News Update comes in the form of a Congress Now transcript, regarding the topical issue of military spending. Once again CIG draws a parallel between real world concerns and the happenings of the ‘Verse. It seems that the UEE’s allocation of military funds has quite a few people riled up, regardless of the nature of the Vanduul threat.


More and more progress is being made on the FPS module, with the automated merging chugging along nicely as the various CIG team take turns to manually resolve conflicts. Of the 7718 total unmerged CLs, 5860 remain, but the process is bound to speed up. The recording of the weapon sounds has been finished, and animation work is going ahead full steam. Read the full report here.


Following some community discussions, and the introduction of the Vanguard Sentinel have spurred CIG to release an extremely in-depth Design Note on the topic of electronic warfare – and if you think that is detailed, it is going to get a follow up. Much the note describes the various signatures the ships will be giving off, how these signatures can be augmented, and how they can be detected. The post also goes into how offensive and defensive EWAR will function in the game. Countering EM missiles with EM flares, shooting a data-spike into the enemy ship or just overloading their systems all sound like incredibly awesome and fun gameplay mechanics.

Personally, until now, I was completely uninterested in EWAR, but now my interest has been sparked. I was faintly interested in the Drake Herald due to the info running aspect, but considering it has an EWAR suite as well, my interest in this ship spiked. I’ve also always considered the Tracker to be the best looking Hornet, but now it has become interesting functionality-wise as well.

Also, that Sentinel though – damn that is a solid ship, but it also has a solid price tag.

Ship Spotlight


With the recent reveal of its variants, we believe the Vanguard earned its place in this week’s Ship Spotlight.

The Aegis Dynamics A3G Vanguard is a beast of a ship. Extremely large for a two-man fighter, this long range attack ship was designed to hunt the enemy as far as it can flee, decimate it, and return cheerfully. The immense amount of armor, advanced life support systems and the most advanced escape pods make the Vanguard the safest ship to fly into enemy territory.


The Vanguard is the top long-range fighter in the current ship roster.

BEAM 39m (25m folded)
HEIGHT 8.8m (8.5m Gear down, 6.3m folded)
MAX CREW 2 persons
FACTORY ENGINE 2x X-Forge D/S4-320 (TR4)
SHIELD Coming Soon
FIXED WEAPONS (NOSE) 4xS2 Behring M4A High Power Lasers
MANNED TURRET 1×(2xS2) Ballistic Repeaters

The Vanguard is an offensive ships which packs a massive punch, but severs the imaginary leash that ties it to nearby capital ships or ports. While the Hornet or Gladius are solid fighters on their own, they are designed for short flights, always returning to home base after any given mission. The Vanguard however, is intended to long-range missions that take weeks or even months to complete. They are outfitted with spartan living quarters and enough fuel and other supplies to make this one beast you can neither hide from nor out-run.


Nor could most ship out-gun it either. The Vanguard is a juggernaut of destructive force. To find out more about the Vanguard variants, the Warden, Sentinel and Harbinger, refer to the top of this post.


Two polls have been topping the forums this week.

With several ship discussion threads going into the topic of limited availability, a poll was put together to discern the community’s stance on the issue.

The other one was made regarding the head bob in ArcCorp, which as been reportedly making people sick. Do you want it gone? Make your voice heard here.

Around the Web

The gaming press has its hand full reporting on the release of the social module, which you all should have your hands full playing!

Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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