After debuting to much fanfare at E3 2015 (you can check our hands-on impressions here), EA and developer Coldwood Interactive have decided to give their wonderfully twee platformer, Unravel, another fifteen minutes of fame at EA‘s Gamescom presser earlier today.

Once more showcasing the gorgeous visuals and intriguing physics based conundrums, Unravel continues to look utterly delightful and a real prospect to have on your gaming radar.

Unravel currently has no release date but will likely ship on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

You can catch the latest footage below.

Source: EA

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2 thoughts on “New Unravel gameplay trailer delights the crowds at Gamescom

  1. Absolutely! I’d thought that after Limbo, Never Alone et al that I had my fill of physics-flavoured platform adventures but Unravel came along at just the right time to prove me wrong :)

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