I’m back! Turns out getting married (woo!) and having your last year of studies starting up (not woo…) both are time consuming events. Organizing the wedding and writing 6*10^23 essays day in day out is a lot of man-hours, and in the past weeks Citizen’s Journal (and Back in Your Day – also returning soon) kinda dropped off the priority list. However, we’re back, and while some plans for expansion had to be put off, without further ado:

Welcome to Citizen’s Journal, Save/Continue’s weekly burst of all things Star Citizen!
From a concise summary of news, through personal opinions and ideas, to gameplay reports of Arena Commander,
anything related to Chris Roberts’ ambitious project can be found here, updated every Sunday (or Monday… or whenever it’s done)! Two things you should know about me : One, I’m an absolute sucker for anything even remotely Science-fiction, and Star Citizen is pretty much a dream come true for me. Two, I’m a backer of Star Citizen (you can find me here.).



Gary Oldman? Mark Hamill? John Rhys Davies? Mark Strong?

And a trailer?


And a gameplay trailer?


This stuff is amazing. To all the people who claim that CIG isn’t actually doing anything, just watch that, the Arena Commander 2.0 trailer and f*ck off.


Did I mention AC 2.0 in the above sentence? I believe I did.


Hell yeah Constellation.

CitizenCon 2015 Event Details


Kind of a moot point, seeing as CitizenCon, the dedicated Star Citizen convention, is already over, but head over here to find out was will happen that has already happened.

Yeah, weird, I know.

CitizenCon 2015 Stream

If you are among the vast majority of Star Citizen fans who couldn’t make it to the actual event, you can watch the whole presentation below:


I want to see anyone refute the fact that massive strides are being made after that.

October Subscriber Flair


Star Citizen subscribers, report! Your new Origin Jumpworks 350R model should be waiting for you in your hangar right now.

ARK Starmap Revealed; Available


Arguably one of the less anticipated features, the long-awaited 3D Star Citizen Starmap is finally available. Visually evoking, and brimming with info (now we know what’s where in the ‘Verse!), it’s clear that Turbulent put a motherload of work into this project, and with their plans they have lined up, the Starmap will be one of the primary metagame tools for Star Citizen out there. It would be awesome for the Starmap to eventually involve a kind of limited game functionality, like you’d be able to send your NPC characters to other planet, buy/sell goods on the market, edit your hangar, order/schedule repairs, so that even if you’re not near a machine strong enough to run Star Citizen, you’re still not out of the game. You can read more about Turbulent’s plans for the Starmap here, and check out the actual Starmap here.


Aegis Sabre Revealed, Concept Sale with Other Limited Military Ships


Just look at that. The vehicle artists have outdone themselves again with the new Aegis space superiority fighter, the Sabre. Despite the Connie still being my favorite ship in Star Citizen, Aegis is my favorite manufacturer by far, with the best looking ships in the whole lineup. The Sabre is a fast and nimble fighter designed specifically as the UEE’s solution to the issue posed by the Vanduul Stinger-class heavy fighter. This fighter is a new fighter with a familiar feel. In lieu of needing any new gameplay mechanics to be fully functional, you can expect to see the Sabre in AC a lot sooner than any other ship.

In keeping with tradition, the Sabre reveal comes with a concept sale where you may purchase the ship with lifetime insurance and a miniature hangar model.

And just to bite into your wallet that much more, CIG has also made most other limited military ships, such as the Super Hornet, available while the Sabre concept sale lasts.

Weekly Videos

In this week’s 10 for the X, we sit down with writers Will Weissbaum and Adam Wieser to find out more about the story and lore of Star Citizen.


Unsurprisingly, the writer’s couldn’t really give proper answers to most questions, because spoilers.



In episode 12 of Bugsmashers, the coffee is gone.


Also, the greycats are misbehaving. Again.

In this week’s episode of Around the Verse, ‘SPLOSIONS.


We also see how the team reworked the lighting effects of the SelfLand hangar in the Sneak Peek.

Returning Features


Following the recent reveal of the MISC Endeavor science platform (which is an insta-want ship, I mean, that modularity though), CIG has released the standard Q&A post. And then posted two more. Considering the versatility of this vessel, the three posts, and the length of the answers are all perfectly justified. Star Citizen’s larger organisations will definitely want a few of these in their fleet.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


As featured in the Squadron 42 cinematic trailer which spurred the UEE into war, this week’s news update relays to us the earliest signs of the tragedy of Vega II and foreshadowed that which is to come.


Following a little mishap with a three week old Galactic Guide post being published again, the proper article went up allowing us get more familiar with the cheap and controversial weapons manufacturer of the ‘Verse. With the Star Marine launch looming, we’d ought to get more familiar with Kastak Arms, who produce affordable but powerful firearms, and have a penchant for questionable advertising.


While the Empire Report showed us how the rest of the ‘Verse simply didn’t know what exactly was going on in the Vega system during the Vanduul incursion, the newest Aremis Post describes the attack in full, horrifying detail. The event which will forever be remembered as the Tragedy of Vega II, the event which officially thrust the UEE into a state of war, was every bit as chilling and terrifying as you would imagine.


The newest Star Marine Status Update brings glad tidings. The newest build of Star Citizen’s FPS module saw the first stable internal playtests! Looking at the list of current blockers, it is refreshing to see mostly polishing – necessary polishing – instead of core stuff. Launch is closer than you all think!


The September Monthly Report has also rolled out, and damn, this may well be the longest and most expansive MR to date, with a motherload of info on what the various teams have been up to whilst developing Star Citizen. CIG is putting all that backer money to good use. Check it out!


With the kick off of the Star Citizen Community Hub, we are seeing a massive influx of fan content, and some people on the forums are concerned that bringing in some big-name actors for Sqaudron 42 will eat into the budget too much.

Around the Web

Since the previous big Star Citizen related news thing-that-shall-not-be-mentioned has ran its course, the gaming press is all hung up on the magnificent cast that was announced for Squadron 42, with names like Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill and Gillian Anderson appearing in the single player portion of the space-sim epic.

That wraps up this week’s Citizen’s Journal.

Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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