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You might have noticed a lack of CJs being posted in the past weeks. This was due to there being an exam period in the school I go to. Apologies!

Gameplay Report

So, recently I got invited to try out Star Citizen 2.0 in the PTU. You can imagine how excited I became at this prospect, and jumped right in. After downloading a sizable patch (we are talking about a small snippet of the persistent universe here), I now had access to the Olisar station through the hangar elevator.

I’m not going to go in depth here, since CIG politely asked me not to in the PTU invite mail, but I think giving first impressions is fair game.

The game looks about twice as good as you’d expect, even after witnessing ArcCorp. I’m sure Dying Star and Broken Moon both impressed us all, as did the cityscapes of the race map and social module, but damn, never before did empty open space look this good. Also, Quantum drive is awesome.

However, there are a few issues that need be worked out. Not once did I have my ship delivered on fire, and several times it was hijacked off the landing pad by some schmuck. Server stability also needs some a lot of work.


Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Trailer Revealed


That right there is what the lucky few who have been invited to the PTU can play right now. Provided it does not crash, of course.

December Free Fly Week


From now until the 14th of December, anyone with a registered RSI account will get access to three ships which they can try out in Arena Commander.

  • Aurora MR
  • Mustang Alpha
  • Gladius

Weekly Videos

In this week’s Around the Verse, we sit down with Tony Zurovec, the Persistent Universe Director (that title though).


We also get some shots of the newly reworked Freelancer’s interior.

Returning Features


In the newest line of world-building lore pieces, the portfolios,  we are introduced to yet another fictional company within the ‘Verse. Bioticorp is responsible for all in-game technology that allows the game mechanic of “not-losing-access-to-absolutely-everything-permanently-when-taking-a-bullet-feasibly”. Healing items and stations are all the work of Bioticorp, your overbearing and overtly secretive but totally benevolent medical research company.


This week’s News Update sees another Discovered- post, the journal dedicated to explorers and the history of discovery in the ‘Verse. It details the discovery of the Jump Point from the Castra system to the Oya system, an event which has become quite controversial since the fall of Messer’s regime.


Weekly Dev Update. 2.0 PTU. Less Crashes. That’s all you need to know.


A few people confused the posting with the trailer of 2.0 Alpha with the release of 2.0 Alpha. CIG swiftly clarified.

The PTU forums are mostly dominated by threads about crashes and massive patches.

Around the Web

As is to be expected, the Star Citizen 2.0 trailer made quite a few waves in the gaming press. In other news, TrackIR confirmed for Star Citizen.

That wraps up this week’s Citizen’s Journal.

Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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