About Us

Hello! Welcome to Save/Continue. We’ll keep this short and sweet – we love video games. We enjoy writing about them. Not just the games themselves – but the people behind them, the communities that gather around them, and the culture that comes from those communities.

Save/Continue is designed to highlight the games and the things around them that we think are truly special. We don’t aim to cover every game and thing happening. We don’t have the resources for that. We cover the stuff that interests us and, we hope, the stuff that’ll interest you too. Simple. Got that? Okay then.

How do your Reviews Work?

At Save/Continue we score games and other products we review on a scale of one to ten in solid numbers. We don’t do increments or half-points – we just do a number out of ten. We define them as follows:

  • 1: A bad game. We wouldn’t recommend it under any circumstances.
  • 2: A bad or broken game that still has a redeemable quality or two hidden beneath the surface.
  • 3: Good ideas particularly poorly executed; a game that has potential to be good marred by bugs or poor execution in some area or another.
  • 4: Just slipping in below the point of being average, this is a game that misses the chance to fulfill its potential by ways.
  • 5: Average. Not a stinker, as some might have you believe – middle of the road and worth a play for some, depending on personal tastes.
  • 6: An otherwise decent game, flaws and issues hold it back from greatness. Perhaps one to wait for a sale on, it’s an enjoyable experience but won’t be winning any awards.
  • 7: Slight flaws and issues are evident, but this is still a solid game with fun to be had that’s worth a look.
  • 8: A high-quality experience and a great example of what gaming and the genre can be, but with some caveats and shortcomings attached.
  • 9: A potential Game of the Year contender, a nine comes within swiping distance of fulfilling any potential we see in it. Easy to recommend.
  • 10: The best of the best. No game is ‘perfect,’ but a game that scores a ten is viewed by us as being as close as is possible to that goal. Recommended without hesitation.

While the score is there to represent the feelings of the site, it is worth keeping in mind that any review is typically carried out by one member of staff. While their work is edited, proof-read and questioned extensively, their opinion is theirs. You may not agree with it – and that’s a good thing! Really, it is.

In the case of some larger titles we may post a ‘second look’, or there may be an import review and a domestic review from two different writers. Scores may vary, and we encourage you to look over both reviews.

How do I get in touch with you guys?

We have a dedicated Contact Page where you can get in touch with the people responsible for specific areas of the site. Feel free to visit that – if you can’t find a person for the enquiry you require there, feel free to head to the MIST Network hub and contact one of the Network staff.

What about Ethics?

At Save/Continue we pride ourselves on being the type of independent site that doesn’t have to pull any punches when it comes to its opinion on games, publishers, and events in the wider industry. With that said, we also don’t believe that means we need to have an unfriendly relationship with publishers or developers, or their employees either.

We conduct cordial relations with them, and we hope our readers can trust us enough to know when an act or article would cross the line into inappropriate. What is and isn’t appropriate isn’t always absolute, and we make judgement calls based on the situation. With that noted, here are some notes on how we operate for transparency:

On Reviews, Events & Travel
Save/Continue is an independent publication with a limited budget. Trips to visit a developer that incur the cost of flights and hotels are by and large out of our budgetary reach, for instance. If a publisher offers to pay for such a trip, we will weigh the value of the coverage such an event will generate for our readers against what we would be accepting and make a decision based on that. If we choose to accept, we will be up front with readers, indicating the trip was funded externally and by who in all content generated from it and any future review coverage for that title.

We will always make these calls on a case-by-case basis, and have in the past turned down many offers when we have felt the value provided is not good enough. When we accept travel or accommodation, we disclose it. Non-essential elements of a trip, such as gifts, will always be rejected. Staff reserve the right to accept food & drink laid on at events if there is no other option easily available, as is often the case.

As a general rule we do not attend review events where reviewing a game takes place under unnatural circumstances or under the gaze of a Public Relations or Marketing representative of a publisher. Our reviews are always conducted in as close to ‘natural’ circumstances as possible – similar to how our readers will experience the game on launch. If we attend events as above described for a game, the end result will only ever be a preview or feature, and will never have a score attached.

On Things We Receive for Free
While readers should take it as a given that Save/Continue receives the games it features from publishers free of charge, we still are careful to disclose that fact. Any game received from the publisher will have that fact noted at the end of any coverage generated from the copy received.

We do not accept any items that don’t directly help us to do our job. Any items sent to us unsolicited beyond that will be given away to charity or via competitions. We also do not permit staff to sell or trade sample products received. These things can be given away but must not ever be used for profit of any kind.

On Rumours, Sources & Corrections
Stories on Save/Continue will be reported as impartially as possible but also no doubt with the eye of the writer behind it as a subtle influence. Our primary goal is to be consistently reliable and fair while remaining as objective as possible in how we present news.

We do not pay sources, and we do not publish rumour without first attempting to verify it. If a source wishes to remain anonymous, we respect that. We are very careful about what we post. We accept that even then we can get it wrong, and when we do, we will correct any story either with an all-new one or by adjusting the original story while keeping its original context intact – posts will be amended, but never removed.

On Objectivity & Reviews
All reviews on Save/Continue should be treated as subjective, as outlined in the Review Guide above. They are the opinion of an individual member of staff, and while proof-read and sub-edited by other members of the Save/Continue editorial team for quality, balance and fairness, any review will always represent the opinion of an individual after substantial time with the game in question.

We encourage second opinions from other staff, and encourage respectful discussion of points of a review readers disagree with in the comments. Our reviews should never be treated as objective, however. The same can be said for any other opinion pieces.

While we strive for impartial objectivity in our news reporting, we are also proud to draw a line under that and embrace subjectivity in other content. In the case of reviews, previews and other opinion-driven content, we do not believe fair and subjective are mutually exclusive.

On Advertising
Save/Continue’s Advertising is mostly handled by third party companies that editorial staff have no contact with. Even when handled internally, the two worlds are kept entirely separate: Our advertising will never impact our editorial, as we would consider this a wholesale betrayal of our readers.

If a game is advertised on Save/Continue through direct sales as opposed to through a third party, that fact will be noted on all content for that game not only for the duration of the advertising campaign, but in perpetuity.

Save/Continue also features affiliate marketing links, meaning commission may be paid to the site based on clicks that lead to sales. Affiliate Marketing proceeds are only ever used as funding towards equipment and product for the site and its staff (such as import copies of titles for review or capture cards for streaming) and never taken as profit.

The site does not publish advertorials and never takes payment from publishers or other companies for content.

On Relationships & Conflict
Save/Continue and its staff are proud of having cordial relationships with employees of many gaming companies. We consider these relationships vital to building the success of the site. However, these are professional relationships. If they ever go beyond that, it will be disclosed within content.

Staff are permitted to back Kickstarter Projects and Patreon Pages – however, if any coverage they produce is related to one of these games or individuals, it must be noted and disclosed to readers in all instances.

What’s this Mist Network stuff?

Save/Continue is part of a wider network of websites called the Mist Network. Founded off the back of a series-specialist site founded in 2000, the network features several sites with similar central interests and driving ideals owned and operated by the same group of people.

Find out more about the Mist Network and included sites on our network hub.