Our Staff

Save/Continue wouldn’t be what it is without its range of staff members! Remember, to get in touch with us hit up the Contact Page!

staff_kyleThe man, the myth, the legend; our editor-in-chief, Kyle Gaddo, is a prince in pauper’s clothing. Well, you know, that is if paupers go around wearing Dillenger Escape Plan t-shirts and no pants. He is a Steam sale star, always looking to keep his wallet empty and his backlog rising. This man’s man will often partake of long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners with his best lady, Bayonetta, followed by a midnight ride together on his valiant steed, Fluttershy. Kyle is Save/Continue’s primary North American contact.

staff_jpjPip pip, cheerio, and good day from John-Paul Jones. Our main man on the jolly English shores, JP is our top informant, covering all things new and noteworthy in the gaming world. If it’s been announced, JP’s written about it. If he hasn’t covered it, it’s not worth covering. I mean, seriously. It’s insane how fast this dude works. He’s like some sort of machine, programmed to scour the internet for the latest and greatest, only to upload the news here to share with the world. He stereotypically enjoys snacking on tea and crumpets, and some may go so far as to say he is “going steady” with badminton. JP is a senior staff-writer-slash-editor, and is our go-to guy for those European exclusives.

DSCF9024And then there’s old reliable: former American, temporary Canadian, now full-time Kiwi, Zachary Lyons. A kind of “Zak of All Trades”, you’ll see him all over the place. He’ll toss out a review here, post some news there, and throw up the occasional meaningless Facebook poll for all to vote on (it’s just like politics; your vote doesn’t really matter in the end!). Zak is a senior staff writer/editor, and our primary Australia/New Zealand contact.

Jesse DuRona – Staff Writer (NA)
Andrea Shearon – Staff Writer (NA)
Jacob Ross – Contributor (NA)
Noyan Tokgozoglu – Contributor (NA)

Ronci Gerencser – Staff Writer (EU)
Heather Poole – Contributor (EU)

Connor White – Contributor (AUS)
Chao Lim – Staff Writer (AUS/NZ)

Alex Donaldson – Network Director
Mike Chittenden – Network Coder
Andrew Ip – Site Coder