The developer behind last year’s excellent The Walking Dead knows how to follow up a choice-based adventure with zombies in it; you follow it up with a choice-based adventure that has werewolves in it.

Based off of DC Comics Fables series of graphic novels, The Wolf Among Us will be an episodic lark like The Walking Dead.  Here, players are cast as Bigby Wolf (A.K.A The Big Bad Wolf of fairy tale fame) who must try and keep other fairytale characters such as Mr. Toad and the Three Little Pigs safe from the humans in the real-world.

The choice element which Telltale Games so deftly pioneered last year, returns here as players must decide whether they should give into Bigby’s animalistic side or try and play things cool.

You’re obviously dying to see the trailer, aren’t you?


The Wolf Among Us launches on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and iOS ‘soon’.  

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