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This page won’t be stuffed up with thoughts or impressions for any games. It will purely serve as a hub for every subsequent article to be compiled throughout the year, so you have easy access to the catalogue of my journey. I will also include an FAQ section beneath the links, to be updated as necessary throughout the year.

Day 000 – An intro and explanation to the Road to Final Fantasy XV in 2015
Day 007 – Opening thoughts and impressions on Final Fantasy
Day 014 – Final Fantasy wrap-up, plus intro to Final Fantasy II
Day 021 – A look at the frustrating gameplay of Final Fantasy II
PoGcast 0 – Discussing our marathons, motivations, and podcast names
Day 028 – Lots of complaints regarding the unfortunate design of Final Fantasy II
Day 035 – The end of Final Fantasy II, and first impressions for Final Fantasy III
Day 042 – Enjoying the heck out of nearly everything about Final Fantasy III
Day 049 – Final thoughts on Final Fantasy III.
PoGcast 1 – Discussing progress: Zak- Final Fantasy IV; Josh- Majora’s Mask; Travis- Mega Man 8
Day 056 – Detailing the first three hours of Final Fantasy IV
Day 063 – Gushing about Final Fantasy IV’s characters and plot
Day 070 – Complaining about constant character deaths in Final Fantasy IV
Day 077 – Complaining about constant character revivals in Final Fantasy IV, plus a special announcement
Day 084 – At long last, my lasting impressions on Final Fantasy IV
Pit Stop – My thoughts and feelings on Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae
Day 091 – A long-winded gush about the beginning of Final Fantasy V
Day 098 – Continued progress with Final Fantasy V; minor transportation complaints
Day 105 – Hitting a milestone and mourning a Final Fantasy V companion
Day 112 – More praise for Final Fantasy V; enjoying series constants
Day 119 – Final Fantasy V ends the same way Final Fantasy VI begins: strong
Day 126 – Final Fantasy VI’s mature themes, lack of crystals, and importance of espers
Day 133 – Playing a world-wide game of hide-and-seek in Final Fantasy VI
Day 140 – Reaching Final Fantasy VI’s conclusion and beginning my first replay of the marathon: Final Fantasy VII
Day 147 – Mixing Final Fantasy VII’s modern setting with classic ideas, and worthwhile character developments
Day 154 – Appreciating character interactions, and overlooking the iconic death
Day 161 – Showing newly discovered appreciation for past games as Final Fantasy VII comes to a close
Day 175 – Catching up on two weeks of strong opinions of Final Fantasy VIII following E3
Day 182 – Final Fantasy VIII finishes with a great need for more Laguna
Day 189 – Admiring Final Fantasy IX’s callbacks and homages to past titles
Day 224 – Griping about Trances and praising the women of Final Fantasy IX
Day 231 – Chronicling Final Fantasy IX’s continued stream of amazing references and nods to past games
Day 238 – Lamenting Dagger’s broken concentration and loving everything about Vivi
Day 245 – Final Fantasy IX’s lovely but confusing ending, and Final Fantasy X’s surprisingly satisfying beginning
Day 252 – Dissecting the main characters of Final Fantasy X
Day 259 – Issuing a couple complaints and an observation about Final Fantasy X
Day 266 – Final thoughts on Final Fantasy X
Day 273 – Complaints about the overly complicated Final Fantasy XI registration process
Day 280 – Getting some (lackluster) first impressions on Final Fantasy XI
Day 287 – Putting down Final Fantasy XI and picking up Final Fantasy XII
Day 295 – Drawing parallels and comparisons between Final Fantasy XII and past titles
Day 301 – Explaining the importance of Quickenings in Final Fantasy XII
Day 308 – Revealing plans for Final Fantasy XIII due to scarce Final Fantasy XII play time
Day 315 – Pressing onward with Final Fantasy XII; still not done
Day 336 – Apologizing for the hiatus, and wishing for the end of Final Fantasy XII
Day 343 – Final Fantasy XII is over at last, and Final Fantasy XIII begins with mixed emotions
Day 350 – Final Fantasy XIII continues, as do the uncertain feelings toward it
Day 357 – The importance of family in Final Fantasy XIII and the drama that comes with it
Day 365 – Nearing the finale of Final Fantasy XIII as 2015 comes to a close
Day 372 – The end of Final Fantasy XIII is the same as the rest of it; decidedly decent
Epilogue – The end of the Road. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of each game are you playing?
I will update this as I reach each game.
Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy Origins, PSOne, via PS3 PSN
Final Fantasy II: Final Fantasy Origins, PSOne, via PS3 PSN
Final Fantasy III: Fan translated emulator of original Japanese Famicom release; played on PC
Final Fantasy IV: Emulator of North American SNES release, marketed as Final Fantasy II; played on PC
Final Fantasy V: Fan translated emulator of Japanese Super Famicom release; played on PC
Final Fantasy VI: Emulator of North American SNES release, marketed as Final Fantasy III; played on PC
Final Fantasy VII: Original PlayStation release, played by disc on PlayStation 3
Final Fantasy VIII: Original PlayStation release, played by disc on PlayStation 3
Final Fantasy IX: Original PlayStation release, played by disc on PlayStation 3
Final Fantasy X: Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster, PlayStation 3
Final Fantasy XI: Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition, PC
Final Fantasy XII: PlayStation 2
Final Fantasy XIII: Xbox 360
Final Fantasy XIV: To Be Confirmed
Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae: Xbox One

If you’re playing one game per month, how will you complete all 14 games in one year?
I’m actually playing just a bit more than one game per month. Here’s the breakdown: 365 days in the year divided by 14 games equals ~26 days per game. However, I’ll be going on holiday for 3-4 weeks later in the year, so that takes it down to ~24 days per game. As such, my goal is to complete each game within 24 days. Any extra time I stack up throughout the year will go toward XI and XIV, to give me a longer and more thorough MMO experience.

How are you going to tackle the MMOs, Final Fantasy XI and XIV?
MMOs have so much content and are constantly growing, so they will be the most difficult to “complete.” Many require a fair amount of play time before actually reaching the meat and bones of the game. To give myself the most reasonable experience with the games in such a limited time, I will play each for the entirety of the 24 days set aside for them, instead of “stopping when I beat the game” as with the others. In addition, as noted above, I will add any extra days accrued from beating other games earlier than expected to FFXI and FFXIV, to extend those experiences further.

What servers will you be playing on for FFXI and FFXIV?
I’m not yet sure! When the time comes, near the end of FFX and FFXIII, I will take to Twitter to get recommendations and suggestions. I’m completely new to MMOs, so hopefully I’ll be able to find a few people who will be keen to help me along with both games!

Where can I find you on Twitter?
Follow me @zacharyplyons and search for the hashtag #RoadtoXVin15 to keep up with my daily progress including live tweeting as I play, end of day stats, and more! Feel free to throw any other queries you may have about my journey there. After answering the same question two or three times I’ll update this page accordingly.

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