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This week saw me get well and truly into the world of Final Fantasy II, and what a week it has been. I’ve met the first Cid of the series, ridden the first Chocobo (whose theme music is much shorter and much more repetitive than later iterations, making it fairly annoying), and had three temporary characters come and go, with a fourth having just joined up.

Oh, and I died. Lots.


Most of these deaths happened during my greatest accomplishment of taking down the vicious Dreadnought, which destroyed many of the beginning towns. It was SUCH an ordeal to do so. Once Gordon joins your party and you receive the mission to take down the Dreadnought, the difficulty curve spikes like no game I can recall ever playing before.

Thanks to the progressive stat leveling system in this game it’s difficult to gauge just how many actual levels my grinding would equate to (as traditional levels are absent here), but I would wager a guess at a solid 8 to 10 levels were needed to just SURVIVE the Dreadnought.

At one point I opened a chest and was forced to unexpectedly fight a Hill Gigas, which is to this point the strongest enemy I have faced in Final Fantasy II. High damage, high defense and high health showed me winning the battle with 3MP between my entire party, two dead, and the remaining two with super low health. I used 2MP to revive the fallen comrades, and was flabbergasted and infuriated to find I could not Warp out of the ship, thus leaving me to make my way out and back to town with no MP, no potions (I used them all up after reviving my team), and facing enemies that do too much damage to ignore.

Obviously I had not done enough grinding.

At this point I was ready to call it quits, but I was unwilling to let the previous hour and a half of fights and stat raises within the Dreadnought (since my last save outside) be wasted. Surely it would be easy enough to just flee from every battle until I made my way back to the safety of an Inn, right? Yeah, not quite. Turns out everyone in my party is awful at fleeing from battle.

So instead I made my life much, much harder with a most foolish idea. My plan: Memo Save every time I made my way back to a previous room or won a battle with minimal damage. If I take too much damage, let the party die and reload from the Memo Save. Surely I could work the system until I inevitably ended up fighting through the weaker crowd of monsters, thus gaining more stats still on my way back to town.

Looking back it probably would have taken less time to just restart outside the Dreadnought and regain my levels, but I am at least pleased to say that my genius (read: terrible, stress-inducing) plan eventually (around two hours later) panned out just as I had hoped, reaching the nearest Inn (which felt MILES away) with two party members dead again, and those remaining once again in the red.

All ended well, as the grinding proved EXTREMELY beneficial to the next portion of the game, and I was able to collect a great handful of Berserk Scrolls, which each sold for 5,000 Gil. In case I haven’t mentioned, you gain ridiculously low amounts of money from battles in FFII, so this proved the most profitable experience of the game so far.

So for all the hardships it wasn’t all bad, but it was easily the most frustrated I’ve been with a video game in years, without a doubt.

Now I’ve got a pirate girl on my team, and her ship with which to sail the seas and further explore the world, following suit from the first game. I wholly expect my next vehicle to be an airship that I don’t have to pay Cid to use.

I’ve got a three-day weekend coming up, so I’m really hoping to wrap up FFII by my next update, however I’m really not sure how far through the game I am. I suppose we’ll see. That’s all for now, FF faithful. See you next week!

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Remember last week when I mentioned my buddy Josh’s Hylian Wanderer quest (He just beat Zelda II!)? Well together he and I have inspired yet ANOTHER marathon run of games. My good friend Travie has just started his Blue Bombing Run, playing through more than a dozen games from the Mega Man series, also while live tweeting and blogging throughout. You can follow him on Twitter, @ReturnoftheYak and search for the hashtag #BlueBombingRun, as well as check out the blog dedicated to his venture.

I must say, it is mighty encouraging to be inspiring others to play through their various backlogs of beloved series. On that note, I may have another surprise coming soon related to my journey, but that will have to wait for another day.

Until next week!

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