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I’m nearly done with the first month of my journey, and nearly done with my second game. But before I get into that, I’ve got some exciting news!

I have teamed up with my buddies Josh and Travis to create a podcast, chronicling all of our adventures in a convenient, audio format. We need a name though. Go check out episode 0 and let us know what you think, and send your thoughts and suggestions our way!


Now let’s talk Final Fantasy II. I guess. If we must. Really, the entire game can be summed up in a single utterance: UGH.

Over the weekend I pushed through the most difficult and time-consuming towers and caves in the game, and these towers and levels are exactly what makes this game so below average.

I mean, I enjoy the characters and story for the most part. There could be more in the way of backstories or character growth, but when plot progression was happening and the story moved forward, I was actively enjoying it. There’s a list of nearly half a dozen supporting cast members who die throughout the game, and I actually cared when the names were rattled off and remembered before the final chapter. That says something.

But following up 5 minutes of plot with two to fours hours of caves and battles and towers and searching and nonsense, especially when all of that happens inside a location in which you are unable to save your game, is mind-numbing and awful. It totally breaks the game up and makes it nigh unbearable.

An accurate representation of Final Fantasy II

Yesterday I made it to the end of the game and fought the final boss. I lost, quite horribly, three times over the course of an hour and a half before finally calling it quits at nearly two in the morning. This followed the 15 levels of exploration, random battles, treasure hunting and grinding between the final two locations in the game, which again contained no save points within or at the interim.

You are able to warp out to the world map to save, heal, etc. at any point in these 15 levels, which is great (and what I did when I couldn’t beat the game), but having no opportunity to save anywhere along the way means I’ve got to have at least an hour of open time just to make my way BACK to the boss. That’s even accounting for the fact that I’ll know my way around better the second time through, and won’t need to go hunting for treasure chests.

So now I’m left grinding like a fiend for a couple days until I feel like that battle won’t be akin to shovelling crap uphill, which as I’ve stated before, is more boring in Final Fantasy II than any other Final Fantasy I’ve every played.

The only thing keeping me going at this point is the knowledge that this is the end of the game, and I never have to touch it again once I complete it. Rest assured, I will complete it.

Alright STOP. Twitter time.

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