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As I’ve mentioned in past updates for The Road to XV in ’15, my buddies Josh and Travis have started their own gaming marathons, playing through the Legend of Zelda and Mega Man games respectively.


We three recently decided to join forces to discuss our journeys together, in a way that may be more accessible and easy to follow aside from blags and twutters: a podcast! We recorded the inaugural episode 0 over the weekend, and it is now ready for your listening pleasure, just a little further down this page.

Keep in mind that as this is the first podcast for two thirds of us and our first proper recording, it is pretty rough around the edges. It starts off kind of slow and there are a handful of audio blips, but once we get to chatting it’s much more smooth and fluid. Trust me, it will get better!

As we discuss in the show, we’re looking to you, the listeners, for assistance in naming it. Below the YouTube I’ve left our favorite tentative names, and links to our Twitter pages. If you’ve got a vote for one name over another, or have a new suggestion of your own, please let any (or all!) of us know over on the Twitterverse, and we’ll announce the official podcast title during episode 1’s recording!

Alright, alright, alright, enough babbling. You want a podcast so you don’t HAVE to read! Go on then, listen away. In the future we’ll try to get more formats such as mp3s, but for now you’ll just have to make do with YouTube. Give us a listen, why don’t you?


Our top three name choices:
Pantheon of Gaming (a.k.a. The PoGcast)
Marathon Men
Retro Replay

Zak’s Twitter (#RoadtoXVinXV)
The Road to Final Fantasy XV in 2015 Overview & FAQ

Josh’s Twitter (#HylianWanderer)
Hylian Wanderer

Travis’s Twitter (#BlueBombingRun)
Half Full E Tank

Join us… sometime in February for episode 1!

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