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You may recall that we launched a preview of things to come, with episode 0 of our then unnamed podcast. Now myself, Josh, and Travis have agreed on two things: We are the Marathon Men, and this is the Pantheon of Gaming podcast (or PoGcast, for short). Welcome.


I won’t bore you with the details – you can catch those on the show, as well as discussions on how our individual marathons are progressing, what he think of the game’s we’re on and where we’ve been, and where we’ve been. You can catch the podcast below, and are more than welcome to subscribe to our brand new YouTube page!


In addition to the YouTube channel, we’ve got plenty of other exciting updates coming in the future. Keep up with us on our Twitters, here on Save/Continue, and Josh and Travie’s blogs, linked below.

Zak’s Twitter (#RoadtoXVinXV)
The Road to Final Fantasy XV in 2015 Overview & FAQ

Josh’s Twitter (#HylianWanderer)
Hylian Wanderer

Travis’s Twitter (#BlueBombingRun)
Half Full E Tank

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