03 Final Fantasy III

I have wonderful news to share: I am not sick of Final Fantasy III whatsoever.

While the game has been taking me a bit longer than expected due to certain review obligations (I’m working on one for Dying Light currently), I eagerly take any chance I can to get back into it.


Last week I mentioned how rapidly the story moves, and in this last week it’s just been more of the same. Just an hour-long session with Final Fantasy III shows multiple points of plot progress, with only the odd hiccup every now and then.

Unfortunately one of those hiccups caused me to consult a guide to help me along (I had to give Elia a Potion to heal her, but nobody told me as such – I tried giving her every other item in my inventory, but had no standard Potions, so I was left flabbergasted and confused), so three games in and I still haven’t been able to complete one without assistance. I’ll try again with IV.

In any case, one may find the rapid plot progression to be a nuisance – if you move too far along too quickly, surely the enemies will rapidly become too strong for you, right? Well, yes, if you don’t take some time out to grind. And man alive, that’s another stellar improvement from past entries. First of all, the swift storytelling actually makes me want to take the odd break to just battle and level up a few times. FFII had the problem of constantly forcing you to grind in order to just barely scrape by the next area, and the process was SLOW. FFIII makes you feel quite content in taking a half hour to focus on making your team stronger, and rewards your initiative by leveling you up at a great pace.

I mean that truly. You don’t level up insanely fast, but neither do you crawl slower than molasses to your next stat raise. It takes long enough to gain three or four levels that you’re ready to move on with the game once you’re done, but it doesn’t take so long that you want to throw your controller and skip ahead to Final Fantasy VII. So reasonably quickly you’ll be up a few levels and ready to tackle the next challenge head-on.

I’m also loving the job system. My current set-up of John the Viking, Paul the White Mage, George the Dragoon, and Ringo the Karateka is kind of my main-stay party (until I unlock the final job set with the final Crystal), but I’ve adjusted it from time to time to match my particular situation. It’s unfortunate that my heroes are generic “Heroes of Light” like Final Fantasy, with incredibly minor back-stories or character development, but that is a shadow of a complaint when compared to how useful it is to make my team whatever kind of team I want.

Oh, I suppose I should mention that Final Fantasy III has introduced summons. I’ve currently got Chocobo, Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, and Titan in my possession, but until I unlock the final jobs (thus the most powerful summoner) they are pretty useless. Ramuh and Titan do decent damage, but only to one foe per attack. Pretty rubbish, actually. I’ve heard tale of Leviathan, Odin, and Bahamut as enemies I can fight to gain their summonable powers, but I’m not quite that far yet.

If progress continues this coming week as is has the week I’m wrapping up, I reckon I just might be done with Final Fantasy III by my day 49 write-up next Wednesday. We shall see! For now, I will leave you as I always do: with some tweets from the week. By the way, I apologize for the plethora of typos in my tweets. I use an iPad for tweeting and often mistype (or get auto-corrected in terrible ways) without double-checking. Pardon.

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