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Moving on, my streak had to slow down eventually. Between work obligations, prior life commitments, and a steady flow of games to review (look out for my upcoming write-ups for Dying Light and There Came an Echo soon!), my time travelling the Road to Final Fantasy XV has been slow going this week. Currently I have only invested a paltry 3 hours and 14 minutes into Final Fantasy IV (the SNES era has begun!), but I expect that to change substantially in the coming week.

Having said that, so much has happened in those first three hours that I would have thought I’d been in for at least half a dozen. Final Fantasy IV doesn’t waste any time getting right into the thick of things. If the introductory chapter is anything indication of the rest of the game waiting to be explored, I am definitely in for a great story, and I don’t doubt for a second that this will be the case. Many friends and followers have noted their enthusiasm for me to reach their favorite games in the series, most of which are either Final Fantasy IV or Final Fantasy VI. That alone has me pumped to put some more time into it.

Let’s get into the details a bit more: as the Dark Knight Cecil, I started the game by attacking some innocent people to take their crystal. My mission, as appointed by the King and his “assistant” Golbez, is to obtain all four crystals that are scattered throughout the world. This may sound familiar to anyone who has played Final Fantasies I, II, or III, or who have been following my progress, as this is essentially the task appointed to me in every single one of those titles.

It sounds like a broken record, but there’s much more to it than that this time around. Cecil is not (as far as I have been told thus far…) one of four Warriors of Light, and he is not seeking the crystals for himself in order to save the world (again, that I know of). From the sounds of it, Golbez is a pretty bad dude who’s controlling the King (also sounds familiar *cough*FFIII*cough*). Cecil decided he didn’t want to kill more innocents for no good reason, and thus he was cast out as a traitor to the crown.

Since then I have gained the party members of Rydia the Caller (she can summon!), Tellah the Sage (he’s left the party now), Edward the Spoony Bard (who’s actually a prince in disguise), and Rosa the White Mage (Cecil’s sweetheart). So far Final Fantasy IV is every bit as good as my current favorite, Final Fantasy III, but with a more in-depth story and plenty of subtle changes.

First of all is the fact that I can seemingly have 5 (five!!) members in my party at once, which I have never seen in a Final Fantasy title before, old or new. It almost seems like overkill, but I reckon later enemies will be stronger to accommodate for my extra assistance.

Also, completely contrasting FFIII’s fully-customizable-party job system, the characters who join your party in FFIV all have their own specific classes and abilities, as I outlined above. Rydia has been consistently learning a new spell with almost every level up, which is AMAZING and has saved me thousands of gil. At first I was apprehensive about having pre-determined classes, but then I remembered that I’ve played plenty of games where my team members have specific roles, and my worries washed away.

Honestly, as I stated before, it’s really too early to have much more to say on Final Fantasy IV. I doubt I’m even 10% done. Next week I should have plenty more to say, and much more credible opinions. For now, I’ll leave you with a much more meager offering of tweets than usual, again to be bolstered back up to normal standards next week.

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