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In nearly four weeks with Final Fantasy IV I only made it 11 hours in. Then in one week since I’ve nearly doubled that. After finally making solid, legitimate progression, I’m nearing the end (under 30 hours? Man, this one’s short!). And if you’ve been following my twitter, you’ll know that I’m getting pretty fed up with the character “deaths”.


Before you say it, this is completely different from my tangent last week. Last time I went off about how bogus it was that the majority of my party members would sacrifice themselves in a pinch so as to save the rest of us. Tl;dr – the nobility wore off after the third or fourth sacrifice.

No, now I’m upset because THEY’VE ALL COME BACK. Well, nearly all. Up until last night, Palom and Porom petrified themselves, Tellah got killed by Golbez, Yang stayed behind to trigger an explosion in the Tower of Bab-il, and Cid jumped out of an airship in-flight on a kamikaze mission and blew. Except the only one who actually stayed dead was Tellah, who I straight-up saw fall on the ground, flash, and fade away.

FF4_notdeadtwins FF4_notdeadyang

That being said, I feel like watching Cid fall through the air and explode is a pretty airtight argument for his death. Meanwhile Tellah actually attempted to cast Heal on the twins when they petrified themselves, but was unable to reverse their stone-status. Okay, fair enough, perhaps you just need a stronger mage than Tellah. Still, bringing everyone back to life completely negates the importance of their original sacrifice.

Sure, I was bored of everyone dying for the greater good, but it is insulting to the integrity of the characters and the lives they were willing to give up, just to bring them back to life for seemingly no good reason aside from raising morale. To be frank, their sudden group revival (aside from Cid, who showed up marginally earlier juuuust in time to upgrade my airship – HOW CONVENIENT CAN YOU GET) was kind of a bullshit maneuver. Just another deus ex machina in a game full of deus ex machinae.

Now that that’s out of the system, I actually do want to gush about some other stuff that’s been legitimately awesome.

The Summon World, for instance, is simply brilliant. Until recently I’d only heard of the Summon World from Rydia, as she wound up there when our ship capsized earlier in the game. Her accelerated age was a result of time flowing differently there, but interestingly enough Cecil and company don’t age faster while visiting. Funny, that.

Anyway, while exploring the underworld I found a cave that led to the Summon World, and I just love the idea that all of my obtained summonable monsters just hang out together until I call upon them for assistance. I have since been imagining that the same thing happens to Pokémon whenever they’re inside a Pokéball. They’re just hanging out at a communal library in mystical Pokémon land, living peacefully together.

FF4_whale1 FF4_whale2

Also, can we talk about The Lunar Whale for a moment? Talk about flying in style. That airship is huge and awesome and can travel TO THE MOON. Seriously badass. I don’t think I’ve ever played another game where I used a whale as a mode of transportation. In addition, it amuses me (probably more than it should) that while in the normal world I’ve got my pick of three modes of air transportation: the Enterprise airship, the Falcon airship, and the Lunar Whale. Usually one would get destroyed, prompting a new one to be built. This game lets you keep them all.

So while the whole dead, not dead thing really got under my skin, there’s still plenty to love about the game. I reckon I’ll wrap up Final Fantasy IV in the next day or two, making me available to play Final Fantasy V- wait, what’s this? It seems I’ve got a special announcement to make!

I have received a review copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD from the lovelies at Bandai Namco Australia, which also means I’ve got Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae! As such, I will be playing that in between Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V. So as to stay focused on the game, I will be trying my hand at streaming from the Xbox One while I play through Episode Duscae instead of live-tweeting. I’m sure there will be the occasional screenshot and some end-of-day updates, but I’m going to try keeping it relatively spoiler-free. Follow me on Twitter for streaming details as I work them out.

So yeah, that’s me for this week. I’ve rambled on enough this time, so let’s just stop there and leave the tweets. Next week’s update: THE END OF FINAL FANTASY IV AND IMPRESSIONS ON FINAL FANTASY XV: EPISODE DUSCAE.

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