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1.1.6 Live!


The newest Star Citizen update is now live, and with it comes the new launcher. The 1.1.6 update brings a number of bug fixes and balance tweaks, while the new launcher is guaranteed to boost download speeds.

Star Citizen Track Jackets Pre-Order


The Star Citizen Track Jacket, as seen on 10 for the Chairman, is now available for pre-order at a discount for a limited time!

Gamescom Flash Sale


While the Star Citizen Gamescom presentation was live, CIG ran a flash sale of a number of ships that aren’t usually available.

  • Aegis Retaliator
  • Anvil Carrack
  • Drake Caterpillar
  • RSI Orion
  • Aegis Reclaimer
  • Aopoa Khartu-al (Xi’an Scout)
  • Banu Merchantman

1,000 Vanduul Glaive Reproductions For The Taking


What came as a massive surprise, not only did CIG reveal a new ship, but it was a Vanduul ship, a hangar-ready, flyable ship. One that you could earn in-game! What is this?

Basically, with 1.1.6, the Vanduul Swarm in Arena Commander was revamped and made significantly more difficult. CIG offered up 1000 of the new Vanduul Glaives for players who manage to reach the 18th wave of Vanduul Swarm, either in Co-op or solo. By now, all of the Glaives are gone.

Retaliator Modules Now Available


Several of the ships in Star Citizen will have modular interiors, allowing their pilots to customize the various sections and rooms of their ships. The first ship to have this modularity implemented is the Retaliator bomber, allowing players to mix and match between front and rear torpedo bays, cargo bays, living quarters and dropship modules. Base Retaliators are now bought without modules, which can be purchased separately.

Weekly Videos

In this week’s 10 for the Chairman, Chris says “fidelity”.


The description of what their current universe simulation is like is pretty impressive and awe-inspiring. Sure, it’s just a basic simulation, and pretty bare-bones compared to what the final version will be like, but imagine. In some CIG basement, there is a computer running 24/7, and there is a whole universe populated by ~20 million AI programs. Pretty amazing, no?

In this week’s Meet the Devs, we sit down with Josh Coons, who has been working on the Connie.


If Josh would be any more laid back, he’d be a recliner chair. Seriously, this is probably the most chill guy on the planet.

Returning Features


In this week’s News Update, Ol’ Jegger checks in with a new Far From Home transmission. Much like driving a simple metal box with four wheels on it is inadvisable when under the influence, piloting a high-tech ship may not be the best idea once you’ve put a few drinks in you, lest your main thruster goes on a date with an asteroid.


In the first of this week’s two Galactic Guides, we visit the scenic Castra system. Starting off as a crucial military establishment during the Xi’An Cold War, Castra has recently begun to see a massive influx of civilians following its declassification. The system’s main space-port, Sherman, happens to be located on the top of Castra II’s largest peak, making it a beautiful sight to behold.


In the second Galactic Guide to be posted this week, we take a look at the Osiris system. While this system has significantly more importance to ecologists than to the average citizen, the vaguely human-like apes found on Osiris I are definitely of interest – too bad you can’t go to check them out, lest you infer the wrath of the UEE.


July’s monthly report has rolled out! Check out how the teams moved proverbial mountains to prepare the phenomenal Gamescom presentation here.

Around the Web

The whole of the internet is abuzz with Star Citizen’s multi-crew demo showcased at Gamescom, as well as a number of the other features shown off in Köln.

Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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