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Gameplay Report

This week we took out the Merlin (*our* Merlin, free flight week notwithstanding) for a spin again, but this time we decided to tear up some Vanduul raiders with a few strangers over the spectrum.

My piloting skills were a tad rusty and I fidgeted with the controls before the match, so there is some painful screwing around in this vid, but I kinda get into it near the end.



Gamescom Wrap Up


The Gamescom presentation was a massive success, garnering much praise from within the community and without. Especially impressive was the multicrew gameplay demo, showing off what a clash between a Retaliator and a Constellation would play out like. Check out a few of the videos below, and the rest here!



August Subscriber Flair


This month, subscribers get to expand their collection of ship models with a tiny Starfarer! The bonus Gamescom trophy also looks pretty sweet.

Test Drive the Merlin!


The Merlin will be available for test flight this week. Recently made available as a standalone ship,CIG is trying to entice players to drop a meager $20 on this beautiful ship by allowing them to get a taste of the wonderful experience that flying a Merlin is. Seriously, this ship is the shit.

Weekly Videos

In this week’s 10 for the X, artists Forrest Stephan and Omar Aweidah are here to answer all you burning questions about ships, helmets and aliens.


There were a few interesting topics touched upon in this video. The procedural ship degradation is something that appeals greatly to me. In the case of explorers, it could be a bit like people are with off-road vehicles today – if it’s clean, you’re doing it wrong. Other than the procedural degradation, we know that situational ship damage will also be a thing, so our ships will be getting a fair dose of character over time. For the helmet question, I’d refer back to a previous CJ where armor design is mentioned. Dead Space. I’m not saying steal ideas, but damn, if you’re going to get inspiration for armor and helmet design, then look to Dead Space. Say what you will about the games themselves, but the RIGs are absolutely marvelous. As for the aliens, I believe there is some confusion among the devs what was meant by “humanoid” in the question. I’m not sure how non-humanoid interaction will be implemented, since as far as we know, player characters can only be humans. If non-humanoid species are introduced, and we try to board one of their ships which obviously is designed for a completely different physiology, how will that work?

In episode 8 of Bugsmashers, we still don’t really have anything to add.



In this week’s Around the Verse, we take another look at what the Star Citizen Gamescom presentation was like!


In the sneak peek, we get a glimpse of what a stylish young man of the ‘Verse might keep in his wardrobe. Also, google glasses, for some reason.


Returning Features


Work on Star Marine has slowed down a tad with the massive drive to get the Gamescom presentation ready, but that is not to say that no progress has been made. Progress on getting the animations working with the new rig has been made, but it is a pretty big undertaking. In other news, ladders.


This week’s News Update comes as a Shubin Interstellar Employee Newsletter which gives us some insight into the lives of the miners working for one of the biggest ore extraction corporations in the ‘Verse!


With last week’s Retaliator module reveal an concept sale, here is the obligatory follow up Q&A
. It just occured to me, shouldn’t the Q&A’s take place before the concept sale?

Oh, well.


In case you still have doubts about CIG working on Star Marine, here is a second update this week. After the hectic atmosphere of the preparation for the Gamescom demo, the team eased back in to development with some “administrative code clean up”. Work on the animation is progressing, and the teams are moving in on the server stability issues. And again, those blasted ladders.


Following the untimely axing of the Phoenix Facts thread, two new threads have been opened in General Chat which seek to be the new port of call for any Connie owners out there. While, once again, discussion seems to be focusing on the Phoenix and its many issues, any connie-talk is welcome in these threads. Check them out:

Phoenix Facts Part 2

Constellation Discussion Circle

Around the Web

The gaming press still hasn’t quite gotten that Gamescom presentation out of their system, and we’re not surprised in the least. Some outlets have also brought attention to the fact that Arena Commander was available to absolutely anyone for the weekend.

Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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