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Last week I completed Final Fantasy X, and was ready to move on to Final Fantasy XI. My first real MMO experience. Only, if you’ve been paying attention to my Twitter activity this week, you’ll know that I… uh… haven’t really played much of the game yet. Less than an hour, to be exact. Between game registration and an absurdly busy life, there’s just been no time. Alas, that’s bound to happen now and then. So yeah, this update is going to be the shortest yet.


So seeing that I’ve literally only just started wandering around the open world of Vana’diel, I don’t yet have any impressions on the game. All I can say so far is that I’m playing as a male Tarutaru Red Mage on the Carbuncle server. If you’re keen to try teaming up now and then, leave a comment on this piece or flick me a tweet on Twitter at @zacharyplyons.

Moving on, there is one thing I can comment on, and it’s something that very nearly made me flip my computer desk and skip Final Fantasy XI altogether: the ridiculous registration process. Here’s the breakdown on everything I had to do in order to play this game:

  • download the extremely dated PlayOnline client
  • create a PlayOnline account
  • create a Square Enix account (I actually already had one, but it’s still one more part of the process)
  • log in to both
  • launch the Final Fantasy XI game window
  • try creating a character
  • get told to go to a website to register new characters
  • search the website for character registration page
  • fail
  • give up, come back tomorrow
  • get assistance from someone who’s done this before
  • register new character slot
  • re-open the game launcher
  • select character slot
  • create character
  • restart everything FIVE TIMES before character creation is finished due to constant game crashing
  • finally enter world
  • begin playing


I barely had any time to get into Final Fantasy XI this week, but not for lack of trying. The above bullet-points took place over the course of four or five hours throughout three separate days. In Final Fantasy VII, five hours would get me into the Shinra building. In Final Fantasy IV, I may have met Palom and Porom in five hours. In the first Final Fantasy, I’d have collected at least the first crystal in five hours. The complex registration process felt like an incredible waste of time, and it only reinforced my disdain for the MMO genre. I much prefer to just pop in a disc or double-click an icon in order to start my games, thankyouverymuch.

Now that it’s all set up I hope to get some proper playtime in during this next week, and maybe I’ll get so much enjoyment out of it that I’ll forgive the grueling sign-up process. Until that happens, however, I’m quite happy harboring my bitterness.

And that’s all for this week! Follow me on Twitter and look for the #RoadtoXVin15 hashtag to keep up with my daily progress, and remember to get in touch if you’re keen to party up!

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