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Star Citizen 1.3 Now Available


The newest update for Star Citizen, 1.3, is now live! The new update introduces new areas to ArcCorp, plus a revamped chat system. Also, a whole boatload of balance changes, bug fixes and behind-the-scenes tweaks make their way to the game.

Weekly Videos

This week we see a change in format for the 10 for the X, as now we sit down with 4 developers, one from each department, to discuss a wide range of questions.


The answer to the question into open development really puts things into perspective. You have angry people on the forums crying for CIG to show off more stuff, to reveal this and that, how the community is “entitled” to x,y and z. Thing is, Chris chose the path of open development as a sign of good faith, it was him showing his hand to the backers. And yet, for some, this isn’t enough. Even though Chris had every right to go the way every other large developer does and development happens behind doors closed and locked and sealed with elder magic. Some people really just want to have their cake and eat it too.

In episode 13 of Bugsmashers, Mark got a new desk.


He also gets new music.


In this week’s Around the Verse, we see an interview with Paul Dalessi.


The sneak peek also shows off the style guides for the Karthu’Al.

Returning Features


In this week’s Galactic Guide, we go back to the roots by exploring the first system ever to be colonized by Humanity. Croshaw ultimately united the human race, and was the first stop of our never ending journey through the stars.


This week’s Advocacy Archive shows us an email conversation pertaining to an extremely sensitive situation regarding a rather trigger happy citizen shooting down an Esperia Glaive, mistaking it for an actual Vanduul. THe political trappings of the situation should be apparent to anyone, as persecuting the young patriotic minded citizen will rile the people up after the Vega attack, however letting him off the hook will anger the begrieved family and send the wrong message to any other wannabe vigilantes.


The newest Development Update has also been posted, and let be share CIG’s enthusiasm here: SHIPS CAN SPLIT IN TWO, YO.


With SC 1.3 rolled out, players are getting used to some of the tweaks the flight mechanics went through, and (obviously) controller discussion popped up, such as the debate regarding joysticks and inertia.

Around the Web

The press is all over the recent milestone Star Citizen hit, namely the one million backer mark.

That wraps up this week’s Citizen’s Journal.

Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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